Friday, June 13, 2014

Food Club no. 16 {Wright's at the Biltmore}

We almost forgot to make reservations until the night before, I kept putting it off because I was waiting for everyone to RSVP and then I never did, thankfully I remembered the night before, and got a hold of the manager who was able to get us in at 10:30 instead of the planned 10am.
The Arizona Biltmore is one of my favorite Phoenix landmarks, it's the perfect architecture by Frank Loyd Wright.
Their brunch is a steep $40 per person with $8 unlimited mimosas
This was my first round of food from the buffet.
This detail shows the veggies, cheeses, dried fruit, nuts and various other appetizers from the buffet.
of course they also had meats and cheeses and caprese salads
I missed out on this raspberry salad but I'm glad someone else got it, along with the fresh pineapple in the yogurt'tini'
Another combination of the cheese and veggies.
We were all too interested in our food for conversation.
I have no idea what the pink cheese was, but I would definitely eat it again, the white is pecorino so I think they might be similar cheeses.
Caprese detail.
Spinach Raspberry Detail.
I always love a good yogurt and granola in drinkware for brunch.
I've never seen dried kiwi and couldn't try it because I'm allergic, but turns out, that's a thing.
more pink cheese.
Great to have such wonderful inspiring ladies in my life.
and endless mimosas?! yes, please.
Once we were done with our appetizers we ordered our entrees.  They don't premake any of the hot food items but you can order as many as you want and it's included in the price of the brunch buffet, here's what we got...
Scrambled on top of Sirloin.
Benedict.  Because who doesn't love hollandaise sauce?
as it comes sirloin.
Lemon coconut pancakes, more lemon than coconut and plenty sweet even without the syrup.
Cronut, with pistachios. so of course we ordered a few.
and finally dessert, I wish you could see better, should have turned the plate but that's Crème brûlée on a spoon in the back if you were curious.
More mimosas before the check.
and then we took a group shot outside on their amazing lawn.
Again with the architecture and sculptures.

The Full Review {their menu here}:

Favorite Appetizer: probably the caprese, but with a whole buffet how can you actually choose?

Favorite Entree: I will always say Benedict for brunch, but the lemon coconut pancakes were also gratifying, the sweet and tart combination always impress me, plus I love coconut, so it's pretty much a win.

Favorite Drink: More mimosas please.  but they did have robust coffee and fruit juices {included in the price as well}

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 10 could not have had a better waiter, nor asked for better staff to help get us in without the reservation.  never had an empty glass, food came quickly, or we could easily get up and get our own.

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}:  Definitely the $$$ range but totally worth the splurge.

Mistakes {corrections?}: None.

Reservations? very much necessary.

Would we eat there again? Yes. I can't wait for Husband to go with me next time, I love breakfast dates, I'm actually planning a staycation for his birthday this winter so we can stay the night and do brunch in the morning, all I have to do is find a babysitter.

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