Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why my house isn't clean and my blog hasn't been updated.

Once again Mom life and Craftreprenuer commitments have taken over, and this blog has been unattended for a week or so.  It's okay, because, I know I always come back to this space to document special projects, vacations, and interesting daily activities.  But, I know during my blogging workshops and advice that the key to blogging is finding consistency in posting, like weekly feature posts and daily updates, but for me I've committed to being consistently inconsistent.  But, I feel compelled to share why I've been absent the past week or so {have you missed me?}.

First, let's start with the sewing, not only am I restarting and rebranding a former clothing company from a past life, but I'm also sewing privately for a local clothing company for a little extra financial security.  It's an awesome and accomplished feeling to make things again, but it does take away from my "free" time.  

 Second, I was recently a "class mom" for my daughter's first dance recital which basically consisted of me babysitting 3-4 toddlers at a time backstage for about six.  YES SIX hours, during the performance.  So, I basically lost an entire housekeeping day, but I did get to spend it uninterrupted with my daughter.

Third, the day after said recital, we rushed off to California to meet up with my parents and older sister and her family.  So, while I had spent my week packing and planning I still felt rushed because everything was stacked on top of each other...
 ...and now?  

Now, I'm helping contribute to a friends baby shower, possibly photographing one or two births in the up coming week and still trying to manage housework, and care for two small children.  Oh and Husband.  I don't want to leave him out or anything, he has been working managing his family business so we've had limited interactions and I don't want to miss any time with him, so of course everything revolves around keeping the people in my life happy.  With that in mind, I do plan on posting a few tips on how to be a productive class parent volunteer, a few of my favorite moments from our short San Diego trip and of course anything I make for the baby shower this weekend.  

So, please forgive my neglect of this digital space as I create a life worth living, I promise I won't be gone long and I'll always come back with more passion, inspiration and images worth sharing. Thank for understanding and supporting me on my blogging journey.

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