Monday, June 30, 2014

San Diego {a recent minication}

This past week my girls and I headed to San Diego with a friend and her daughter {Husband had to work} to meet up with my parents and one of my sisters.  My mom sort of threw it together last minute and I was super stressed about missing work, projects and possibly a birth, but I knew it would mean a lot to my daughter so I sucked it up asked a friend for support {the people in my life are pretty awesome like that, and are always up for travel adventures}.  Since my mom was contributing towards the room and expenses it was hard to say no, so after coordinating the details and playing musical cars to fit 3 car seats we ventured out on a mini-cation to San Diego.  Here's a peek at our trip...
Bags packed the night before, ready for our 6am departure. 
Up early and ready for the road! {Thanks to my sister for letting us drive her 3 row suv} 
of course as soon as we arrived we headed to the beach {on the bayside} with grandma and grandpa. 
Sonja loved this water, it was shallow and since there weren't any waves she wasn't scared. 
My nephew in his sand hole. 
Vera helping bury Conner. 
Sonja's turn!
The next morning started with a Coconut Mexican Mocha from the Swell Cafe. 
Then another beach day, along with a belly photo of my best friend since high school.
Mermaid Sonja.
Cousins and Friends on a walk.
Stoked on my new swim suit bottoms on sale from Gone Bananas, and my favorite shirt from Indie Nook. 
Also, I always pack coconut water when I travel and this Mango Peach did not disappoint. 
Brought the baby and Todd. on a paddle board with my sister.  Going to make the investment into one of these, they're so much fun!
Even the pregnant girl did it!
Grandma and Granddaughter.
My parents watched the girls while my sister, Cameron and I went on a mom date, the Thai restaurant I was looking forward to had closed so we settled on Joe's Crab Shack.
Of course I kept an eye out for vintage cars for Husband. 
And the gardens at some of these beach houses had the most beautiful flowers.  AND we found a farmers market! 
On our last evening there the kids played on the beack and we enjoyed the weather.
Cousin Party! 
Vera loved her Boys! 
It's really hard not seeing these people all the time. We love them so much but distance keeps us apart most of the year.
Charlee fit right in like it was her own family.
Evening beach rides before surprises.
my mom coordinated a surprise visitor for my sister {her aunt flew in for the week}

And of course one last trip to the Swell cafe for another Coconut Mexican Mocha and Tahitian Chai for the road.
And even though we can get In'n'Out in Phoenix now, it's still a road trip tradition to stop in Yuma and get some grilled cheese and fries.

After all the chaos and stress it was a fun trip, I'm glad we were able to go and thankful for the opportunity to see and spend time with family.  Maybe next year with a little more planning I won't be so anxious about leaving my home and workload.  Either way, everyone had a great time and thanks again to Cameron and Charlee for being down to travel with us.  

Anyone have suggestions for where we should go next year? or favorite San Diego destinations?  Let me know in the comments, we're always looking for more places to explore!

Update: we stayed at Hilton San Diego Del Mar and a beach house on the San Diego Bay

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