Monday, July 7, 2014

Delmara's Birth {a photo essay}

Recently, I was honored to photograph a new baby make his way to the earth.  My friend Delmara, who is actually an amazing photographer herself, asked me {almost} last minute to photograph her home birth.  Because, I was already scheduled to be out of town I was nervous about timing. But, she was flexible and understood there was a chance she could go while I was gone.  However, she reminded her baby and body daily to wait until Thursday, if possible, to birth.  And you guys, her body listened. {side note this also happened for me in my first birth, I asked baby to come at 7 pounds, because I was nervous about birth weight, she did, exactly 7 pounds AND another friend also was putting out Wednesday birth vibes, and special date request and her baby also listened. So positive affirmations y'all! {side side note: I'm not from Texas or the south, I just appreciate a good conjunction}} So, I got home from San Deigo and was waiting for her call, she called me after early labor almost all day Thursday with 'real' labor happening early Friday morning, here are the images from her birth....
I arrived at her house just before 4am.
Her midwife arrived shortly after and started by checking fetal heart tones periodically.
The parents found a secluded space in their yard to relax in the early morning.
I loved the details from their older children.
Sometimes people think midwifes aren't as highly trained as doctors, but her birth team {which was actually my same birth team} kept a good eye on her to make sure her birth, like all of their home births, stay in the safe, normal range.
I love that her midwife is glowing in this photo.
As the soon to be parents walked around the contractions got a bit more real for mom.
Just when she looked like she was about done, she moved to her room.
Another sweet detail from their bedroom.
This is a true knot in a cord. {kind of a less common thing to see}
Once baby has had some bonding time, the midwife conducts the newborn exam.  He didn't even have to leave mom to get some of his measurements.
Speaking and Measuring.
Thanks again, Tom and Delmara for welcoming me into your home to document such a wonderful experience.  Welcome baby Elijah.  

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  1. These are great photos! OMG I love the hammock! It's the perfect picture of a peaceful home birth.

  2. So beautiful! Congrats family :) and made it on Niyahs birthday before we left what a guy!! Xo

  3. Amazing! Congratulations again.

  4. brings tears to my eyes. this is the kind of experience i had hoped for with my one and only. i LOVE that you shared this beautiful experience with us. thank you delmara for sharing this gift of love.