Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Brittany {also known as; Did you know they have swing dancing at the Duce?!}

My sister is all grown up, she's graduated college, worked aboard and has a full time job!  She's always been around, growing up my worst enemy and as teens and adults my best friend.  We were happy to celebrate her birthday last night at the duce, did you know they have swing dancing there every week?  Well, I was much more excited than Husband to try out my dancing skills...

 the vintage vibe of the historic building is very cozy and inviting.
inside they also have a boxing ring. 
 Husband and Kyle talking Subarus while warming up.
 thanks for that Tressa.
 Tressa and the Birthday Girl sipping on super strong Grayhounds.
 I order a mojito {which was oddly not mojito like but did have limes and lots of liqueur} and then the dancing started.
 then we got some food, Jake mocked Husband {while he ate a basket full of brisket sliders- think sloppy joes} and I got an egg scramble with a side of cinnamon toast {they serve breakfast all day and night!}
we obviously had a great time {p.s. this is my hurry-up-and-take-the-photo-before-Husband-walks-away-because-he-thinks-it's-embarrassing-to-take-pictures-in-public-face}.

Anyway, if you're looking for something fun to do, Swing Dancing {$8} at the Duce is the thing to do! oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!


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