Friday, September 26, 2014

How to make a SEWN Pennant Banner

For my daughter's fourth birthday I wanted to make her a checkered banner, I was hoping to find large card stock to make a full size banner, unfortunately I could only find THIN scrap book paper with the pattern.  But no worries, I cut small pennants {about 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide at the top} and since they were so thin I knew they wouldn't do well in a traditional banner production so I decided to sew them together with accents of sparkly red card stock.

Start with measuring the middle of the page, this was 6 inches, since it was a 12x12 sheet.
then, I marked 2 inches , 6 inches and 10 inches on the bottom
same on top as bottom, 2, 6, 10inches
then I connected 2 inch mark on top to 6 inch mark on bottom
6 inch to 10 inch marks
then 10inch back to 6 inch on bottom
6inch mark on top to 2 inch mark on bottom
2inch mark on top to 0 on middle line, repeat from all outer marks to middle edge.
If you've done it right it will create the obvious 6 triangles you see here along with the 4 triangles created from the negative space, leaving you with 10 triangles if you cut straight!
I start by cutting in the middle.
and then each diagonal
6 sheets of checkered boar created 60 triangles for me!
my mom suggested using this herringbone pattern since it looks like tire marks to match the theme, and I grabbed a sparkly red card stock to accent the black and white.
These little scraps would be fun to play with if I had any free time, I thought about making beads with them. Someone should.
AND this is how I sew paper banners, watch video {excuse and crying children in the background or other random sounds} I don't back stitch while making these, I just tie a knot at each end, and remember sewing paper can dull your needle so it's smart to replace it after paper projects. 
Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love the finished product, especially with the sparkly red! :)