Monday, September 29, 2014

Sonja's Fourth Birthday PARTY PREP. {Race Car Theme: Formula 1. Not Nascar FREE PAPER RACETRACK DOWNLOAD}

This past weekend was my older daughter's fourth birthday.  She wanted a race car party since she's always working on cars with her daddy.  Husband wanted me to emphasize the Formula 1 racing culture as opposed to Nascar, but I probably fell somewhere in between.  Sadly, my home will never resemble anything in Monaco. However, we did have champagne!

For the take home I bought each kid a toy car and printed out a track I found by googling "build your own racetrack"
and I made the above image in photoshop, modified from what I found, from this site.

I also made a Sewn Pennant Banner with full tutorial here.

I painted all these signs and props the week before, hand drawn in pencil then pained with acrylic cut with an exacto blade {on cutting mat}.

I made these tassel banners for Vera's First Birthday with tutorial here.

punched holes in this foam core with a philips screwdrive and tied twine to hang it.
I painted this racetrack on canvas {duct taped to the patio} with tempera paint.  Careful though, I learned the hard way it can still leak through the canvas and onto the patio that way.  Which is actually fine, because we plan on re-staining our patio anyway, but it also smelled like tempera which kind of bothered me the whole day.

And that was party prep!  Check back tomorrow for the actual party!


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