Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sonja Turns 4! {a race car party}

My sweet Sonja turned Four last week, and to celebrate we hosted a race car themed party.  It was actually quite a battle to pick a theme, first she wanted a kitchen party and just as I was about to order supplies, she said she wanted to get married and I though a wedding party would be hilarious, no one else agreed so when she said she wanted a race car party so she could drive her toy car I ran with it...
I made a racetrack on the back patio.
had a craft and take home for the kiddos {find the pdf for that paper track here}
turned our shed and covered work area into a drink station.
shared paper pennant banner tutorial here.
painted all these signs in a hurry the week before, and got the fabric at SAS 
paper straws from hobby lobby, paper cups from party city, and metal sheet from Michaels {all complements of Grandma}
I stocked up on Champagne and sparkling grape juice formula 1 style.
I mean what's classier than fast cars and sparkling wine?
thanks to all the friends and family who helped with last minute party prep.
my sister baked the cupcakes and sister in law helped frost and display them.
My mom and Vera enjoying some snacks
Honorary Uncle Sam and Aunt Macey enjoying some drinks
Grandpa assembled on of the biggest gifts Sonja has ever received {photos below}
Letting the chickens wonder
me and my dad.
some of the kids enjoying the cars and props
there it is.  The teeter tooter of death {well not death but we did have 3 injuries on this ROTATING teeter tooter!}
my favorite part of parties are the photo booths!
I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed it too!
Princess Anna showed up at the party too, and I made Husband take a photo with me too.
So much checkered.
Happy Birthday Sonja!
Thanks Delmara for helping capture images of everyone partying!
Who doesn't love cupcakes?
and special thanks to Gretchen for stealing my phone and taking pictures.



  1. That looks like it was so much fun. I think it's hilarious that she wanted a wedding party! When me and Chobie were planning his party this year we settled on a Monster Train theme early, but after attending a friend's party where we dressed up as pirates he wanted a dressup component to his party too. I was like "ooh! monster costumes!" and he was like, "well, what if we dressed like bridesmaids?"

    He continued to insist that that was what he wanted so we did a monster-train-bridesmaid party. I took pics and all that, but I didn't blog it because I figured that no one else would really be seeking inspiration on that theme. tee hee hee.

    I love the make your own track thing too, I might steal that for a future kiddo party.

    1. Oh my god, lydia that is sooo funny!! I want to see all the photos!! and that race track thing was modified from a sticker/decal set you can get online, I hope they don't mind me using it for inspiration.

  2. Looks like a success! (her wanting a wedding party...oh my too funny!) One of these days I'm going to have to make it out for one of these soires!

    Aunt Joanne