Monday, March 17, 2014

Vera Las Vegas. {a Vegas themed first birthday}

I'm so grateful for this last year with my kids, it went by so much faster than the first time around, but it's already been a year since Vera was born!  So to celebrate her first year of life, we decided to have a Vera Las Vegas party.  Think of the tune "Viva, Las Vegas" when you say it.  Here's her party in details...
Dessert and gift {to guests} table when you walk in the door. Giant balloon and tassels made by myself. 
Cake and Cupcakes by Treehouse Bakery {cupcake liners from paper source, invitation designed by me, printed at officemax} 
Thank you to the kiddos for playing included a deck of cards & fair trade chocolate coins from Natural Candy Store and these play glasses from Party City.
I NEVER do balloons for parties, but I love the 1st year birthday with the photos attached to the balloons, AND since it was Vegas I felt like it needed to be more elaborate {but I'm upcycling them into  a painting so they don't get washed away into the ocean from the trash}.
And because I had to get a helium tank for these Giant balloons I went all out with the rest of the ballons too! Those giant cards were reused from my Aunt Jenny who hosted a casino night a while back.
I made this tassel garland {instructions here}
Straws from here and Vera's show girl outfit sponsored by her Aunt Gretchen from here.
As the guests arrived we made our way outside...
A quick photo with Aunt Brittany and the kids were off! 
Eliot interested in our chickens 
The Trampoline made it's way into the garden since the grass is softer than concrete. 
Vera roaming while playing with her Grandpa. 
In her car. 
Husband was supposed to be Elvis but the wig wasn't holding up too well. 
All of us adults enjoying the beverages {Thanks Nonno for the Vodka}. 
Kids LOVE to drive this car, purchased used from Hissyfits, best $15 I've spent on a toy.
Also these glasses were so much fun for the kids, and parents.
Vera playing with her uncle Jordan 
Giant Dice and a Full backyard, my favorite! {even if I look angry I'm smiling on the inside} 
And so was the trampoline! 
The birthday girl wanted to give it a try.
Grandma also got Sonja the glasses on the right {her friend Charlee is modeling them}
And then we sang happy birthday {Vera's favorite song}
And that was her party.  Well, at least the most of it, a few friends stayed late to enjoy some more drinks and cigars with Husband after Vera was asleep. I love having a full house and entertaining.  Plus whenever we have people over I feel like it's an excuse to clean and organize the house {even if I don't get to everything} so that's always rewarding.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed Vera's first birthday photos as much as we enjoyed the party.  If you know of any great party decor sources I'd love to hear about them, and while the balloons weren't environmentally friendly everything else was, it was either second hand, reused, regifted, upcycled or recycled.  Because, parties should be fun, not wasteful.  What are your party tricks to minimize waste but keep it awesome? I'd love to hear about it in the comments {and links are even better}!

p.s. here's my Vera Las Vegas Pinterest board!

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