Monday, October 6, 2014

Signing event with New Found Glory {the difference between being starstruck at 16 and 28}

Yesterday, I convinced my sister and best friend from high school to join me for a signing and acoustic set with New Found Glory at Zia.  I mean, they're like my favorite band probably ever, and I wouldn't say they've done anything that makes them the best band of all time, it's just this strong connection to their music and my adolescence.  In middle school and high school I was into Blink-182 and naturally with NFG as an up an coming band touring with them I was so excited to attend their concerts with my then boyfriend.  In high school, going to all the Warped Tours in the Summer {in PHOENIX} outdoor concerts took some dedication, not only from the bands but the fans too.  I remember that ex-boyfriend telling me he was chatting with someone near the stage about whatever it was, and then the guy being like, "oh we're up!" and jumping on stage.  I was so jealous and disappointed I wanted to meet them, talk with them, it's weird to have someone make such a huge impact on your life and they have no idea who you are.  So, for the next few years attending concerts with my now Husband {or sister}, I'd be like let's get there early, just for fun.  He couldn't care less.

Then, in college, I had friends who were involved in publicity and marketing at the Marquee, I got into shows free all the time by just handing out flyers.  At one NFG show I was working, they walked in as I was handing out flyers and as I almost accidentally handed them one out of habit, not realizing who was now walking in; my friend Jessica, was like, "What you're too good for flyers? You don't want to catch a show in Phoenix? here. here." It was totally one of those, please stop mom you're embarrassing me moments, but none the less I was still excited to have talked with them.
So, when I saw they were coming to Phoenix, I was like, Cameron, we have to do this, for our 16 year old selves.  Of course she was down to party, even after being only 5 weeks postpartum. In fact, we even joked about asking them to sign her baby {because could you even imagine?}.  ANYWAY, I came to the conclusion, while in line, waiting for those desperately desired signatures, it's funny how we change as we mature.

Like the 16 year old Jenn was screaming inside, "Oh my god, I'm talking to Chad Gilbert and Jordan Pundik!" while the mom in me was like, "Tour must be exhausting, you guys want me to bake you some cookies?"  Either way, I'm stoked we went! Unfortunately, sneaking out without the kids to go to a concert isn't really an option right now, even though my {sister's and my} friend Tressa did invite me to go with her to the concert, knowing she's be hanging out with them after.  Younger Jenn is pissed at me for making the decision to stay home, read bedtime stories to my kids and nurse my youngest to sleep, but modern me knows this window of being a mom to small humans only lasts for so long and I don't want to miss out on bedtimes just yet.  There is plenty of time for me to relive my youth, but for now I'll settle for signed water bottles and new CDs; {Resurrection available for order October 7}.

Thanks Chad for the Album Cover Replicas.

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