Friday, October 17, 2014

The Simple Farm's Pumpkin Patch {our Friday Field Trip}

This morning we headed to The Simple Farm for some pumpkins and waffles, I took some photos to share with you...
Friday morning we woke up to the beautiful cloudy skies!  They stuck around the whole morning while we enjoyed picking out some pumpkins!  The farm is actually now closed to the public but if you follow them on instagram you can keep up with special events and workshops they host!
Sonja picked out one for herself and for her sister.
Since it was a gift from her sister she wouldn't put it down.
mini pumpkins and mini hands melt my uterus.
also, this little girl loves her shoes and anything blue.
this beautiful flower was hanging out around the food truck and market, I think it's probably zucchini {a little small for pumpkin size}
Pumpkin textures are my favorite. 
Sonja helped me pick out a few new additions to the Schutsky Garden from Vilardi Gardens.
Waffle Crush Pumpkin Cheesecake Waffle!  {and we got a chocolate filled one with strawberries, biscoff and whipped cream} 
these girls love their waffle trucks and pumpkins! 
a few of our friends met us there too. 
aunt Emmy and Baby Basil
tickle monsters make her smile. 
Cameron and Finley 
Charlee, Reagan and Sonja BESTIES. 
and after MUCH effort I even got them to take a picture with me.  I thought they weren't supposed to say, "No!" until they're teenagers.

We would have done the pumpkin painting and farm tour but the tickets for those had sold out before I even found out about the event.  Pumpkins were $5 each, Waffles about 8.5 each and the 4 plants we walked away with were $10 total.  Good thing it was payday, Pumpkin Field Trips are my favorite to splurge on.  Thanks Gretchen, Emily and Cameron for joining us!

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  1. What a fun looking day! You all look so happy. :) Good read, Jenn!