Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A quick garden update for the Fall 2014

our pumpkin is having a great time, Vera enjoys watering the plants and here she is talking to the pumpkins.
Our $29 fig tree from home depot is doing well.  It's already produced a few figs! 
Our garden isn't the prettiest yet, but it's getting there...
this was just a few weeks ago and it's already getting crowded with all our new plants, since I took this photo.  Pictured; pumpkin, hollyhock, lime tree and chicken coop.
above; fig and basil and lemon.
above; lemongrass {I love to brew this into tea, but don't drink if you're pregnant, it can cause contractions}
Banana Peppers!
told you, she LOVES watering the plants
Remember how  I mentioned starting a CSA {community supported agriculture}? Well, after everyone paid their dues, I headed to summer winds nursery and picked up $40 worth of produce plants!
I picked up a dozen strawberry plants, and some of them already had fruit and flowers!
Those little purple plants are lettuce!
and above are my two tomato plants from whole foods.

Here's that banana pepper plant again and some freshly planted kale.
the purple-ish plant on the left is rainbow chard and those little line of green plants are romanesco.
while at the nursery the woman helping me suggested getting some flowers for the pollinators in our garden {as in getting food for the bees so they're interesting in hanging out in our garden to pollinate our food} Sonja picked out these Snow Crystals pictured above.
The bees are already all over it!
Heres a more current view of our garden with all the pumpkins.
I'm hoping they're all ripe by thanksgiving, because pumpkin pie with home made whipped cream is my jam!
above are my eggplant plants from seed.  They're getting their first flowers right now, so hopefully eggplant won't be too far behind.
above is my strawberry patch, hopefully my tiny fence will keep the dogs out.
oh and the chickens wanted to say, "Hi."

and that's a quick garden update for you all!  I'll let you know how everything grows this fall/winter and share the bounty as soon as things are producing.  I'm excited to grow this community space with like minded friends, here's to having future community dinners, sharing food and organic living.

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