Monday, November 24, 2014

Food Club no. 18 {North Fattoria}

This month we headed to North for our monthly meet up!  
We try to stick to local or independent restaurants for our food club, new places we've never been to, but we made an exception for North this month.  While many of us had been to North before we decided we wanted to go there for brunch because it's that good. 
They have wonderful decor and were great about getting our reservation for 12 people, almost last minute without any hassle.
I need these lights in my home!
above: Bellini, one of my favorite drinks. Mimosas and Bellinis are only $5 for brunch!
above: birds of paradise; cranberry, pomegranate, 
pineapple, sparkling wine 
a few of the lovely ladies.
egg scramble with a side of fruit.
Michelle ordered the Yogurt Parfait, which wasn't really layered nor did it have as much fruit as it probably should have, it looks a little empty, but the yogurt itself was good and so was the granola.
Egg sandwich, and a mimosa in the background, just so you know, everyone said the mimosas were strong, which I don't know about you, but I appreciate!
Baked French Toast.  I think the toast was small, but really sweet so too much more and it would have been too much to finish.  The bread was "baked" but was more like soaked in batter, which gave it more of a bread pudding texture, which was delicious, but maybe not exactly what I was expecting based on the description, I guess I always picture larger brioche style breads for french toasts, but this was good!
Custard Filled Donuts, and a dirty chai on the left.
Egg Sandwich, great deal for $8, although it came with mayo which at least one person didn't know and was super bummed about {because mayo is gross - unless it's veganaise}
Gretchen's Americano, which she liked, the crispy potatoes were her favorite.
More egg scramble. Meghan substituted bacon for her mushrooms and said that the potatoes were the best part. 
And another baked french toast.
It's always my favorite time of the month when I get to see my favorite ladies, and even better when they bring new friends and when distant friends join us on their visit! 
Gaylen getting some baby time in, which reminds me this place does NOT have good seating for babies, since we were at a high top table we couldn't really leave her car seat in a safe spot on the floor, and she's a little too big to wear comfortably while seated and eating, just a heads up if you are planning on going with a new-ish baby. 
Missed a whole group shot but couldn't let Jade leave without a photo! Saving for Switzerland so we can visit with her again soon!

The Full Review {their brunch here}:

Favorite Appetizer: No one ordered an appetizer but the seasonal board looked like a great start otherwise for light starters the yogurt and granola would have been good.
Favorite Drink: I really like Bellinis but I wanted to try the Birds of Paradise and even though that was good {and their Molto Fresco is also delicious} I think next time I'd just stick with a Bellini it's ultra crisp and refreshing.  Also Tammy ordered the Dirty Chai with Almond milk, one of their featured drinks, and she said it was great.
Mistakes {corrections?}: None. 
Would we eat there again? Yes.  We've been there a few times and I like that their pastas are made fresh in house daily and if you get there for brunch you can watch them make it.  Also, they like to incorporate seasonal ingredients which I think is great for the environment, it's awesome they're not wasting gas to ship in produce from other areas, instead using seasonal foods keeps things slightly more local.  

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9.  They seated us quickly and got everyone drinks right away, and since we were waiting for a few people I understand why the server waited so long to get our order but a few people were running late and some of us were hungry, it might have been nice to order a little quicker but overall the service was good.  I also really appreciated that the checks were easy to split.  Drinks were refilled and reodered quickly.  

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $-$$ This was one of our less expensive brunch options, I still spend about $30 because I ordered two drinks.

Reservations? Not Necessary unless you have a large group, they weren't too busy at 10:30am but it picked up a bit as we were finishing up.  I'd consider one for dinner too, they can get full on a Friday or Saturday night.  


  1. Oh those custard filled donuts look awesome! I didn't think about this as a brunch option but will definitely check it out for some upcoming bridal showers!