Monday, November 10, 2014

Čhetáŋ CSA {my latest project: community supported agriculture}

As if I'm not busy enough, I've started another business.  This one is a Community Supported Agriculture "farm" named after the same Hawk Spirit as my daughter. Čhetáŋ means Hawk in Sioux {or perceptive in Hindi}. Anyway, I've always wanted a community space for families to grow medicine and food together, and while my yard is not huge it is fertile and I've decided to open up the space to four families, I'm still experimenting with the amount for dues or membership and how much food will actually be produced, and how often the pick ups will be but for now, I'm excited to start sharing what's growing and to have the space pay for itself, the more community involvement the more I can plant and grow!  It's really exciting and I just wanted to share it all with you!

Wish me luck!

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