Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Club: Divergent Review {book eight of my 2014-2015 reading list}

My most recent book club book was Divergent, another series type book, a young adult dystopian book by Veronica Roth.  It's not exactly a new book, but they did just release the movie to DVD.  I didn't watch the movie until I read the book, but I'm so out of touch with pop culture, I didn't even know it was a movie until I was done reading the book!  The book club list was a collaboration by the whole club,  I didn't know about any of the books they chose {except the Giver, because I read that in elementary school}, but have been pleasantly surprised with all the choices.  SOME of them were hard to push through and at least one I didn't finish, but this was an easy read.  Probably because it was a teen or young adult novel, but it was entertaining none the less.

The book is about a dystopian society, taking place in a futuristic Chicago.  And by future I mean hardly anything different, just future in time.  The city {and as far as the character is concerned the whole world}, the culture and the society are divided into "factions" something not quite resembling religions, but sects of beliefs on what makes a good person or society, moral variations.  There are five factions, and while the main character, Beatrice {later known in the book as Tris} was raised in the selfless faction of Abnegation, on her test day she is confronted with her choice of her future, leave behind her family and choose another faction or remain in Abnegation, even though she doesn't quite feel like she belongs there.While there are five choices; Dauntless - the fearless, Erudite - the educated, Abnegation - the selfless, Amity - the loving hippy types, and Candor -the honest, really, only two of them are even on her radar; Abnegation and Dauntless {although her results were inconclusive and included another option}.  She makes her choice the next day and has to prove herself to remain in the faction, unfortunately a war is brewing between Abnegation and Dauntless.  And while she thought choosing a faction was going to be the hardest decision of her life, choosing how to act proves even harder.

I highly recommend for a quick short read, and my sister has read the other two books, but I'm fine stopping here.  Maybe after I catch up with my other book club books and finish ALL the Outlander series, I might look into those, but I've also got a night stand of amazing books I've gathered.  {I'll let you know how those go too}  Thanks for following along with my book club's list, let me know what you've been reading, in the comments below.  I love to get more suggestions.

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