Monday, December 8, 2014

Kauai 2014 {how we spent Day 1 on the Island}

Our flight to Kauai got in late, like 9:30pm Hawaiian time, which was around midnight our time, and then after getting the rental car and getting snacks and dinner at the grocery store we ended up getting to our condo in Princeville around 11pm and not going to sleep until about 2am!  BUT we woke up to this view from our patio...
Past the grounds of our condo, the forest grows.
Outside, below our patio the birds and chickens roam.  And papayas grow.
The girls a little too comfortable with the Lanai railing.
I love that cardinals greet us here!  Once we were done bird watching we got ready and headed to the farmer's market.
I made Husband pull over so I could get a photo of this beautiful church, we don't even go to church, but I couldn't resist the stained glass and architecture.
Of course I picked up leafy greens, kale and cilantro.
but we also got some exotic fruit and avocados.
Vera couldn't wait to open her apple banana!
The view from the Market.
and Sonja and I convinced Husband to get a coconut to drink.
We enjoyed some chicken watching and ate lunch.
Roosters roaming happily about.
Leaving the market we stopped at a scenic outlook, but instead of seeing a beautiful field, it was just farms, I was kind of disappointed.
Another interesting church on our drive to Lahui
We met my mom and sister at their hotel in Lahui at the Marriott.
did some doodles in the sand.
Vera loved being introduced to the water, and even though technically this was a private beach, all the beaches are public so while it may look like a hotel managed beach, anyone can go there {but maybe not be able to use the lawn chairs and such}
After playing with the girls in the water, we headed back to our condo.
I unpacked and cut into all our farmer's market loot!
I love the colors of the Island, and am excited to share the rest of my images with you over the next week.  Keep an eye out for Day 2!

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