Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kauai 2014 {documentation of Day 2}

Our Second Day in Kauai was a Sunday.  So we started with a few places that were open {and closed on Monday and Tuesday} like the Art Café Hemingway... 
Every time we headed out of Princeville we drove through this amazing gorge, but I could never get a decent photo, because of the glare of the windshield and because of the panoramic view, but at least I tried.

Hemingway is a great spot that is across the street from the ocean and has an upper gallery with artwork and community artwork. 
The pieces the community contributed were Hopes, Wishes, or Dreams.  
I added a piece about growing my own medicine to keep my family healthy. 
The girls added stamps about things they dreamed about. 
My sister arrived earlier than us and waited to order, which backfired because by the time we got there they were really busy and the server was hustling but she was the only one on the patio.  People are so rude and lazy, as we were waiting to get our food a woman who already got her drink and ate her food, was complaining about the wait for the check.  She said, “ugh, it’s like this every time we come here.” I don’t get it, if that’s true why do you keep coming back? {because the food is amazing and worth the wait!} and also you’re on an island with a beautiful view, where are you in a hurry to get to? ANYWAY, we loved our food, didn’t mind the gorgeous weather on the patio while we waited for our croissant sandwiches and espresso drinks.  They did take a long time for my sister’s afogato {pictured above to the left} so the barista made it a large on the house, totally reasonable compensation for the wait. 
sparkling strawberry lemonade pictured above on right.
{above} Bomb; espresso over condensed milk.  So wonderfully contrasting with the smooth bitter of the espresso and sweet milk.
my friend Katie suggested this place and the Ham and Cheese Crossiant, since Husband is the only one who consistantly eats meat, I made him get it.  It was a great meal for only $6 bucks.
I knew Sonja would prefer something sweeter so I got her's with jam.
and mine with egg and cheese.
After our delicious brunch at Hemingway we walked through a soccer field down to the bike path running along the beach, the girls chased chickens and we found a grassy area with swings in the sand hanging from trees near the ocean.
{above} you can see Husband holding Vera on the swing and Sonja heading out onto a branch of drift wood near the rocks.
I love these eroded trees, the ocean has washed them into the most cleanest of whites.
Sonja and I say, "Hi" in our hot pink, while another ocean watcher sits to the right of us.
After a little bit of exploring we walked back to our car to drive my sister back to her hotel.   We stopped for some Hawiian Ice {above from Halo Halo Corner in the Harbor Mall}, I will forever order strawberry, banana and coconut when avaiable.  My mom and sister stayed at the Mariott in Lihue for two nights before their condo was ready.  My older sister and her family stayed there last time and it was really nice, and the pool was amazing so it was an easy choice for my mom.
This beautiful tree remains on the property of the beach at the Marriott, there are beautiful handmade and natural sculptures all over the resort.  The beach is not crowded and has a grassy area and sand area, there are surf and boogie board rentals along with snorkel sets and paddle boards.  
Since, it was our last planned day on that side of the island, my mom decided to rent a paddle board like she did in San Diego last summer.  The water was much rougher, but I had so much fun.  I would love a paddle board to do yoga on the water at the lake or bay when on vacation, but for now renting them when we’re near the ocean is fun enough.
I took Sonja out with me for a second, which was actually a little scary since she didn’t have a life jacket and it was the ocean after all, so we quickly came back to shore and gave my mom and sister another go around.

{above} my sister on the paddle board.
Vera and I enjoying some pool side time, and my first Mai Tai of the trip.
 Husband walked to the Beach Hut a local burger shop near the hotel and they had the BEST fish of the day sandwiches.  SO GOOD. we binged and then crashed.
These Taro chips are a signature snack, although I think I liked them better with the ketchup more than this sauce.
I relaxed on the beach, while Vera napped in the chair next to me until the rest of our family arrived.
The rest of our family, Wayne, Gretchen, Sam and Macey joined us for dinner as soon as their flight got in as well.  It was cloudy and starting to rain but we had access to the cabanas and lawn chairs from my mom's guest passes.  So, we watched the sun set and then walked back to our car with the tiki torches lit, everywhere in Kauai is more beautiful and romantic at sunset and in the early evening.

Next I'll be sharing Day 3, featuring my favorite natural pool; Queen's Bath.  Keep an eye out!

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