Friday, December 12, 2014

Kauai 2014 {Day 3; featuring Queen's Bath and Duane's Ono Char Burger}

On Monday, our third day on the island, we decided to find Queens Bath and Turtle Cove, a little hike into the forest and then to the Bath...
Sister and Mom on the start of the trail.
Sassy Pants and I, "I HATE Hikes" she yells moments after this photo.
but I bust a camera out and she's all smiles.
Roots of a native tree.
waterfalls forever please.
 My poor mom is not the outdoorsy type but she wanted to join so her and Sonja made it down the first part of the trail only to be discouraged by this sign and sit on a rock and eat trail mix.
Winter weather causes even harsher waves than usual, in fact here's a diagram of why Queen's Bath can be dangerous.
Husband, my sister, and I continued on with Vera to meet the rest of our family.  
I could stay here for like ever. {photo credit for the image on the right; Gretchen Schutsky}
Wayne and Sam had already gone for a swim in Queen’s Bath when we got there but Brittany and I wanted to go too, so after giving Vera a quick snack, they walked us down so we could see the easier way they got in while Husband and Vera stayed on the lava rocks. 
We're those two tiny figures close to the rocks on the right.
We were only in for a few minutes {that's me waiving to Vera from the water} but the waves really were a little intimidating so we decided to get out while our luck was good, and it was perfect timing because just as we were climbing out  a huge wave crashed in and soaked our clothes sitting on a high rock, and if we hadn't already been on our way out we would have been roughly tossed towards the rocks and since there are so many drownings in that area I'm glad we didn't stick around too long to test our luck.
here's a video, so you can see just how nervous we were.
My clothes were soaked so I had to hike out in my swimsuit shorts, because I keep it classy.
After our hike, we were hungry so we headed to Duane's Ono-Char Burgers. 
Fries and Onion Rings {we didn't eat any, they really only gave us 4}.
above: Local Boy with veggie burger.
above: grilled cheese on whole wheat bread.
My sister also got the Local Boy.
and of course there were roosters and chickens roaming around us.
Vera loved the "Bock Bocks"
and above us avocado trees!
After lunch I had to run some errands and while out with my mom and sister getting gas, we passed a farmer's market.
They wouldn't let anyone in until 3pm so I laid on the sidewalk while my sister and mom waited in line, because I don't miss naps.
then the whistle blew!
everyone rushed in but we were also quick!
we snagged a coconut first thing!
and I picked up a pineapple.
aren't the colors amazing!?
and I still have no idea what this fruit? is, but it was as big as my torso!
Also this is my sister and are For Real? face, because also, why are these two things NOT on the Hawaiian flag?!
Anyway, after errands, we headed back to our condo so Husband and I could go on a quick date at a super cute Tiki Bar; Tiki Iniki I ordered a flaming zombie while Husband enjoyed a coconut porter. 
 Their food was amazing, I got the Fire Roasted Vegetables with Tofu and Husband got the Mac Nut Crusted Roasted Pork Loin.  I would have taken a photo of those too, but I was trying to de-social-media-lize

It really was such a great day! I'm happy I can share all these amazing places with you guys, if you're in Kauai, definitely do all of these things!  Next, I'll be sharing our trip to a low key beach, and a sunset drink date.  Check back soon!



  1. That giant fruit is Jackfruit! It tastes like juicy fruit gum

  2. OMG! Emily, now I regret not getting it! it was like $20 or something and I wasn't sure how to cut it up. but juicy fruit in actual fruit form?! next time!