Monday, December 15, 2014

Kauai 2014 {day 4 was lots of fun}

To start off our fourth day on the island, we headed to Anini Beach, my sister in law wanted some maternity photos {she's 18 weeks pregnant} while in Hawaii, and she picked this adorable beach!
Here's a quick look at the drive to Anini Beach.  
Here are few of my favorites.
And I had to include this one, because Wayne has the best sense of humor.
but really this is my favorite one, I have so much respect for under water photographer!
after the maternity session everyone else went snorkeling.
and my sister found some sea turtles!
a few of my favorite people {although not everyone I love is pictured here}.
a Baby Basil on the Beach.
after the beach we stopped at Kalalea Juice Hale for some Hawaiian Shaved Ice, but theyre also one of the places you can get a whole coconut.
Vera couldn't wait to dig into the ice! 
and who could blame her? their Organic fresh fruit syrups were amazing, I got strawberry and mango topped with condensed milk. Such a good choice.
Also you should know there are feral cats everywhere, they hang out at local restaurants and are mostly not bothersome, although this one did get awfully greedy once Husband showed up with a burger from Duane's Ono-Char Burger across the street, and if there are toddlers around like mine, you'll hear "MEOW!" over and over again, expect this and don't be rude like the woman dining at Duke's.
Sonja wants aunt Gretchen to share!
Sam Attack and Macey Mac!
I still can't get over all the colors of the island, everything is so bright and beautiful!
After our shaved ice, we headed back to the condo and at sunset, while my mom and sister watched the girls, Husband and I went on our second date night of the trip.
We went to St. Regis, which was only 5 minutes away from our condo.  Unfortunately, Husband took his sweet time getting ready {because Vacation Mode} and while the sun had not set, all the patio seats were taken, so if you're interested in going, you'll want to get there about an hour before sunset. 
I got a grapefruit drink with chambord in it {but it's not listed on their website} it was great, husband got whiskey {can't remember the brand} neat. They were the most expensive drinks I've ever ordered but totally worth the view {and date time}.
and a sweet couple took our photo, since I took theirs.  Even with the clouds it was a beautiful sunset.

Check back tomorrow for the Kilauea Light House and Na Pali Coast boat tour.

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