Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kauai 2014 {Day 5 I'm on a Boat Edition}

Wednesday was our Sunset Dinner Cruise! My Mom, Sister and I went all around the Na Pali Coast.  While it was more of a boat tour and less of a "cruise" it was a really fun experience for just us girls to do, we had a lot of Mai Tais and even saw a whale!  Here's how the day went...
I met my mom and sister at their condo ready for the day! {bag from Stilo 502, which contained no less than 2 cameras, several lenses and a pair of yoga pants- because boats get cold}
It took about 45 minutes to drive to the other side of the island to the launching point of the boat in the industrial district of Port Allen.   We went with Kauai Sea Tours. {although, I got to say, this one looks really nice and about the same price} Once we were on the boat, a catamaran with upper and lower deck, I started documenting the experience.
I've never really been on a boat in the ocean, just speed boats at the lake, so all the details were worth capturing,
I love how you can see all the force of the ocean on the boat.  Every detail has been worn and aged from the water, this boat was in great condition, but it was the small areas where rust was beginning or ropes were wearing that caught my attention.
Husband didn't want to go on a date on the boat, so we turned it into a mother daughter date.
I mean who wants to miss out on "free" mai tais?!
as we started our cruise we passed the last of the sugar cane mills.
the last mill closed in the 90s when it was no longer cost effective, instead high fructose corn syrup took over and sugar died.
This rock further out is actually another island, Niihau.  It's one of the smaller Hawaiian Islands, a private island owned by the Robinson Family.  It's a private island so you have to get a personal invitation to go there, but it's the island where many natives are living closest to their native ways. There is no running water, and only solar power electricity.  
Further on the the cruise we wrapped around to the Na Pali side, where you can see the erosion from the ocean has created these beautiful mountain facades.
as we toured this side of the island, our Captain, Captain Adam, told us about the history of the burials of the indigenous royalty.  When an indigenous king or queen died, it was believed that the power was literally in their bones, so a commoner would be selected for the sacred honor of finding a burial site for the bones, and once the body was buried, he {or possibly? she} would jump to his or her death, because no one could know where the royalty was buried, however, we do know it was in this general area of the island,
There are also beaches accessible only through hiking trails that end on this side of the island, maybe when I come back here without kids, I'll attempt the dangerous and challenging hikes to camp out on these beaches, but until then, I'll have to view it from a boat.
after turning back towards the port, I headed downstairs to get some food, this is me trying not to fall down the stairs. 
and this is my sister playing out the scene from titanic.
this is the dinner {although if I ate meat there would also be some Hawaiian pork on my plate}.
this is me, my mom and my sister.
That black wave looking thing in the middle of the water is a whale.
Which we almost missed, because Husband started calling me to ask questions about dinner.
Also on the way back we took a few more photos, especially fun one with our server Megan! 
Once we got back to the condo, I started helping prep for taco night!
Here is my giant avocado compared to my hand an a pineapple for perspective,  It made an entire bowl of guacamole!
and this is all of us enjoying our dinner {except I'm not in the photo because I'm taking it}.

Thanks for following along for another day from our travels. Check back again soon for Brunch recommendations and the Kilauea Lighthouse experience.

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