Friday, December 19, 2014

Kauai 2014 {day 6 Brunch, Birds and Naps}

Day six was a simple and sweet day.  We started with brunch at the Olympic Cafe with the rest of the group.  I found this place on a list of restaurants in Kauai, so I was excited when everyone else agreed to eat there...
Located in the adorable town of Kapa'a, this cafe has an upper level space with open windows around the entire restaurant.
of course, I had to order the passion fruit mimosa, highly suggested!
Vera had a great time staring at the fans and other babies.
Macey and Sam obviously enjoyed brunch as well, but with a menu like this who wouldn't?
Brittany and I split this stack of coconut pineapple pancakes {with coconut syrup!} decadent and sweet, which is why we also ordered a savory dish to split.
The Amigas Scramble came with the best seasoned potatoes.
Husband got the quesadilla and shared with me and Vera, thankfully! 
Wayne's burrito was as big as his arm, Sam and him each got one and it lasted two and a half meals.
After brunch everyone else went on a kayaking tour {which I would have loved to do if I didn't have the kids with us}.
But, we decided to go to the Kilauea Light House and Bird Sanctuary which was suggested by my mom, it cost $5 a person but that goes to the conservation efforts, although, the views were similar to those around the island there was something special about the waves breaking on cliffs to the right of this lookout, so if you're in the area with kids {or without} it's a fun place to hang out for a bit, although, it does talk about a light trail to the lighthouse- but really it was just a walk on the sidewalk from the parking lot up to the cliff, not as much of a trail as I'd like.
Vera was tired but woke right up once she knew there were birdies!
and who wouldn't want to wake up to this view.
I don't think I've ever seen waves crash like this that up close.
The Kīlauea Lighthouse was built in 1913 as a navigational aid for commercial shipping between Asia and Hawai‘i. For 62 years, the light guided ships safely along Kaua‘i's rugged north shore.  Now they replaced it with an LED light that shines 9 miles out, but this lighthouse is so much prettier than the little light up box that shines out now.
Just north of the lighthouse is this little rock of an island.
Vera couldn't get enough of the birds, it was so much fun to watch the girls observe the wildlife.
even if I did have to keep yelling at Sonja to stop climbing on the hundred plus years old building,
of course we didn't feed the nēnē, you can't even bring snacks into the refuge but these Hawaiian Geese were more than happy to approach people and hang out.  The live off a vegetarian diet which consists of seeds of grasses and herbs as well as leaves, buds, flowers and fruits of various plants.  And they have a 20 year life span!
on our way out of the refuge we spotted this spider in the bushes, he's about as big as he looks, which would be terrifying if there were poisonous spiders on the island. This one is known as a simple garden spider.

After an eventful morning and early afternoon we headed to the condo for a proper nap, something we hadn't had much of while trying to fit in so many fun activities, but it was definitely nice to have an afternoon to ourselves and our little family while everyone else was kayaking.  It totally allowed us to relax and prep for the activities of day 7.

Monday has even more images than I know what to do with, so expect that photo flood! 

all images unedited {but watermarked} and copyright Jennifer Lind Schutsky 2014

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