Monday, December 29, 2014

Kauai 2014 {Day 8 Hanalei and Camping at Haena Beach Park}

We were supposed to camp for two nights, but since my mom's condo was available for an extra night after they left, we stayed in her room, they had a better view than us!
After getting ready and starting our day we headed out for a snack and some errands.
To get from the condo to Hanalei Bay and back out again we had to drive though this single lane bridge.
On a perfect slightly cloudy day we started with a little shopping center for some camping gear, camping food and brunch. 
We got most of our snacks for camping; including granola bars, soup, and crackers from this Harvest Market, they were a healthy grocer carrying most of my favorite organic brands, think of a more local small business version of Whole Foods.
We stopped at Pedal and Paddle to get some camping gear.  They even had used propane canisters for Husband's propane stove, so we didn't have to spend $12 on a new can, which we were only using for one night {and couldn't bring home on the plane}. 
While waiting for daddy in the grocery store the girls and I fed some pigeons thanks to some bread gifted to them from an older surfer guy.
Once we were out of bread and Husband was out of the grocery store, we walked to the coffee shop in the complex.
Hanalei Coffee Roasters sounded like a good choice {and it was}.  (Update: this building is now Hanalei Bread Company)
I ordered an Iced Coco Mocha with Rice Milk {they didn't have almond, but they did have rice and soy}.
Loved the local artwork hanging in the cafe. They also sold their fresh roasted beans, along with old photograph post cards, cigars {although Husband was not impressed with his} and adorable Hawaiian tourist type souvenirs.
Don't their baked goods looked wonderful?! I got a Coconut Cream Muffin with our bagels, but I ate it before I took a picture {sorry, blogger fail}.
You guys this drink was amazing! I love anything with coconut and I love coffee, add chocolate to that and you have breakfast dessert in a cup.
Once we were fueled up for the day I suggested heading to Hanalei Beach before camping. I wanted to go to all the beaches on the island!
It was beautiful. and dangerous.
There was no swimming at this beach, deadly rip currents were too intimidating for us to go out.
but we did put our feet in and touch the waves.
the girls had fun gathering coconuts.
in fact she brought so many we used some as coconut pillows {more comfortable than it sounds}
Sonja hated the sand because "it's dirty" but Vera LOVED it.
After the beach we headed to our camp site at Haena Beach Park.  It's pretty much the furthest west you can travel on the north side of the island by car, any further and you end up at the entrance of the walking trail of the Na Pali Coast.  Here's the site I used for information regarding camping in Kauai.  The office was super helpful when I called, but you HAVE to mail the permit request, you can't email it or fax it because you have to send money order for the nights requested.  Just a heads up if you're interested in camping, because it's pretty much the best thing ever. 
We brought our tent because it's small enough to pack easily but that shop, Pedal and Paddle, also has tent rentals!  I think next time we'll stay for longer, still get a fancy hotel for a night or two but camp the rest of the time.  The people near us at the site had a little compound of about 4 tents a huge tarp living room and a full gas grill set up.  
After taking the girls potty we headed down to the beach to water the moonrise, I was lucky/smart enough to book our camping permit for a full moon, which allowed for the most gorgeous moonrises over these trees and over the ocean. 

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