Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kauai 2014 {Day 9 Camping at Haena Beach and the Sheraton in Poipu}

I woke up to this crazy bunch on Day 9. 
But with a view like this who could complain? 
I tried to capture it, but photos don't do it justice, the waves were huge!
Once we up and out of the tent we ate breakfast and ran around the camp site.
Of course the girls started singing at the top of their lungs, thankfully almost everyone else was already up, I don't think they woke anyone up.
Sweet Sonja didn't want to leave her stick, but I reminded her, that the stick belongs here in it's home, so I took a photo so she could always remember it.
I'm not sure what kind of tree was above our tent, but it dropped tiny nuts and we didn't notice them until we tried to sleep on the bumpy surface.
I also took a quick moment to document this tree.
This little note explains it's importance.
and these green buds were too interesting to ignore {detail of the tree above}
Across the parking lot looking up the cliff façade, The intricate root system of these tropical plants was massive and the line 'work' was inspirational.
also across the street was this cave, although I didn't risk walking too close, with the risk of falling rocks, I could see inside it went back far enough to explore, and you can see how those rope roots are intertwined and hanging, another complex example of how beautiful nature's lines are.
After getting dressed and packing up we drove 2 minutes west to the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail Head which is a really difficult and dangerous trail, its a 22 mile loop and while I would love to attempt an overnight backpacking trip leading to secluded beaches, it's not really something I want to attempt with kids, because it's really dangerous.  Instead, we opted for the 3 mile mark which offers ocean side views and forest exploration, however the girls had different ideas in mind, we only made it about a mile in before they both fussed enough to get us out.
Here's what the beginning of the trail looks like.  yes, that's the "trail" you can see why it's dangerous.
I was intrigued by all these little yellow kernels all over the trail deeper in, its from a Thatch Screwpine scientifically known as, Pandanus tectorius, which can be used in many foods, as natural dental floss and has medicinal properties including blood cleanser, and is also a diaphoretic and diuretic.
More roots, because LINE {ask my art students about elements and principles of art}!
Husband went w bit further up with Vera, Sonja quit early on and we had to get back to our condo to drop off blankets before checkout.
I wanted to go back to Art Cafe Hemingway after our delicious experience earlier in the week.
Sonja got the sparkling mango lemonade and I highly recommend it!
after brunch we walked across the street to the ocean where the girls played on this bridge over the Mo'ikeha Canal.
Vera enjoyed throwing leaves into the Pacific Ocean.
bye bye leaves.
Also! supporting this cause: Styrofoam Free Kauai, get that foam off the island {and off the planet}
more chickens!
more kauaiian plants. anyone know what these ones are?
and what is this plant? 
one last push on the ocean swing before driving to Poipu to check into our hotel at the Sheraton Poipu.
I'll be honest for someone who judges hotel rooms strictly on the bathroom and bathtubs I was not impressed.  It was not a cheap room and I will definitely choose the Marriott over Sheraton from now on. {or if I can ever afford it, maybe a night at the St. Regis}
and while I didn't splurge on the ocean view {a whopping $10 more and a whole lot more impressive according to the photos in retrospect} I wasn't disappointed with this view, birds chirped and fish swam, it was cute.
a couple iphotos of the sunset with Vera

Our last night in Kauai but not our last sunset, check back for our last day on the island, and Husband's birthday!  

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