Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kauai 2014 {Day 10 Favorite Food in Poipu and an evening in Lihue}

I booked our flight home late on Husband's birthday, I wanted to be able to spend the day relaxing pool ocean side and not rushing around. We slept in and cuddled with the kiddos.  
But in an effort to be a sweet thoughtful wife, I decided to head to Living Foods Market for breakfast.
I loved this little market we found in Poipu, it was like a smaller family owned whole foods.  They had all my favorite brands and a little deli and cafe.  I would shop and eat there every day if I lived there {which is still a current goal}.
After breakfast we had to check out of our hotel room but we still had access to the pool. So we walked down to the beach and enjoyed the waves for a bit then moved up to the pool area where Sonja and I could order drinks and snacks.
Mother Daughter Drinks she got a virgin pina colada and I got a pineapple mint slush drink of some kind.  Not a bad way to start the afternoon.
We got some pizza at Ricco's Pizza in Lihue since we were familiar with the area, it's where we spent the majority of our first trip to Kauai. After pizza we walked across the street to the Beach Hut for some shaved ice {topped with condensed milk over ice cream} 
I made these dressed for the Schutsky Sisters a few months before we left but every time I tried to get a picture of them together in them they went opposite directions... this was one of the best I got. 
Back in Lihue we found this boat on the beach.  It was a bit disturbing and yet intriguing to see this mangled boat washed upon the shore.  I'm not sure where it came from our how it go there but it definitely spent some time under water.
Didn't discourage the girls from playing in the sand though.
they both found sticks and played for a few hours while we waited for our flight.
Thankfully, we brought a few pairs of clothes so we could change them into something warmer as the sun set, and because sand.  It was hard to leave the beach, but we enjoyed one last dinner viewing the ocean at Duke's.  It was a great dinner, and highly suggested.
as we walked around the grounds and said goodbye to the island I couldn't help but be grateful for the experience and for everyday on the island, I was surrounded by so much nature and beauty.  I'm happy to be back home and in the routine of things, but I still save for our next getaway everyday.

Thanks for following along on our travels, I hope all the posts about Kauai have you interested in exploring the Hawaiian Islands! Have you been?  Where are your favorite places to eat and explore?

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