Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Speakeasy New Year {how we spent our NYE}

I know I'm about a week late for the New Year's posts but I'm going to share it anyway!  We spent New Year's Eve with my brother and sister in law at their speakeasy party.  They hosted one last year for his birthday and it was so fun they did another for New Year's.  We all love getting dressed up and having a good ol' time, so I thought I'd share some of the photos with you if you're planning something similar or looking for ideas for you next event...
First things first when planning a speakeasy party, accessories!  What are you going to wear and how are you going to make it look authentic?  I got this fringe dress and lace cover up from H&M, but there are lots on poshmark and at local thrift shops.  The large ring above was also in the clearance section of H&M.  The gold and diamond ring was my mom's and the necklaces are pearls from my mom, the longest strand is a fake set I've had for years.  So go through your jewelry box and find whatever you can that fits the era and layer it on!
Now for drinks, while I didn't serve these at this party, I did share them over the holidays and thought I'd post this quick and beautiful trick for garnishing drinks or as skewers.  Cut as many 5-6 inch sticks of rosemary as you need and pull the bottom half of leaves off by sliding them downward from the middle to the bottom.
You can add raspberries for drink garnish and stirrers.
but I also used them for skewers for ravioli and caprese skewers {which would also be a great appetizer for a party like this}.
My sister in law did a great job decorating her home.  She used an old gold wood frame {you could buy or find one similar}  I think she got the sequin fabric from Joann's but if you're local I'd try SAS fabric where it would probably be about $5 a yard.  They have a beautiful collection of eclectic glasses but as you can see even the mason jars would be appropriate.  In addition to the practical decor you could add accessories like a pocket watch or any trinket that could be found in that time.
and of course I couldn't not loan her my "Cheers Bitches" banner from petite party studio.
a quick cell phone photo once the party started.
They also had an adorable resolutions poster which was perfect for a backdrop and everyone added something personal to the banner.
another key element is lights, if you have a patio do not leave it untouched,  Make sure to string up some little white lights or if your budget allows those pretty Bulb Lights .
I didn't get many photos of the food, the party started late so we didn't have many snacks, but I made some apple and brie crescent rolls and there were some cheese and crackers.  If you're party is closer to dinner time, I obviously suggest having way more food, but most people ate before coming over and the snacks just needed to last until midnight.  But as you can see there was plenty to drink...
My sister was not having much luck finding a dress, so I suggested she just add a bow tie and suspenders to an outfit she already owned, and I think it turned out great, everything she's wearing was loaned from a friend and her best friend joined in her in a more flapperesq dress.
as midnight struck toasts were made.
Goodbye 2014.
Hello 2015.
Here's to a wonderful new year, with old friends.

after the cheers we headed out back from some sparkling celebrations.
Target had sparklers on sale a few months ago and I stocked up for events like this.  I highly suggest keeping a small stash for not only special events but also impromptu occasions.
and who doesn't want to light a sparkler with his cigar.

Hope everyone had a happy new year, and that this one treats you even better than the last.  How did you celebrate?  I'd love to hear ideas for future events and parties too!


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