Monday, January 19, 2015

How to fix your broken Maytag Dishwasher with an Eraser. {also known as Our Maytag JetClean Panel Stopped Working}

So, in an effort to update our home and kitchen we splurged on a brand new dishwasher! Our other one wasn't even broken just ugly.  So we saved up some cash and got this one...

Model # MDBH949PAM

Pretty right? But, looks aren't all that matter.  

Turns out what you want in a dishwasher is something that actually cleans your dishes.  And preferably one that turns on.  So imagine my disappointment when the buttons on the front panel started choosing when and which ones wanted to turn on instead of which ones I pushed.  And eventually stopped working all together.  After calling about a warranty I thought we bought {or got} with the machine was actually out of date {the machine is just barely over a year old}.  Naturally, I complained to Husband.  And what did he do? Google. 

Turns out this is a common problem that Maytag has been informed of, and instead of fixing the problem, they ignore it.   I reread the reviews for this dishwasher at the bottom of the home depot page and was surprised to see that so many people were having the same problem as us just a little over the year. Anyway, after a bunch of people got fed up with the issue and got sick of paying a repair man for parts and labor, the found a quick fix...
First we unscrewed and CAREFULLY removed the button panel.
You can see the gunk on the ribbon and on that the part of plastic that should have been sealed.
The problem is the steam evaporates up through the UNSEALED panel and debris damages and stains the electrical ribbon which confuses the buttons...
so what did we do? grabbed one of the toddler's erasers and literally erased the gunk.  It's still slightly stained but not physically on the ribbon, which fixed the buttons!
That's right, we tested the panel, added silicone to the part of the panel just above that handle and then re-screwed it in.  See how the buttons work?! Because they do! They turn on and off and I can select which features I want to use. Free fix compared to the HUNDREDS of dollars people were paying for new parts and labor.  

Anyway, that's my contribution to the internet this week?  What about you?  What was your best cheap/quick/easy fix to a frustrating problem? 

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