Monday, February 16, 2015

Pineapple Triangle Recap {a few of my new favorite local shops and a good cause}

This weekend, my friend Michelle and I vended Pineapple Triangle.  10% from all sales went to benefit the I Have a Name Project.  We had a great time vending this event & we also found a bunch of new local crafters and artists in the room with us.  Unfortunately, we got so busy I barely had a second to walk around, and totally missed the second room inside full of artists I wanted to check out like handwritten phoenix, strawberry hedgehog soap and royal bowtique.  Anyway, here's a look at some of our newest friends... 
Right next to us was Jewelry by McV
I love the Jasper bracelet she has listed here in her etsy shop. 
Across the walkway was All the Tiny Pieces
They had a bunch of adorable native inspired charms.
We also talked with the owner of Pepper Blossom, I love chatting fabrics with other local designers and find it super encouraging to see how successful other craftrepreneurs have become.  Isn't this the cutest skirt? I'm going to order Sonja a 5t. 
Jar of Buttons has the best mini accessories around town.  Vera loves her "meow" {cat} magnet and you can choose to turn your button into a pin or magnet.
I also met Gypsy Bound, and can't wait to get this bracelet.

and of course an always favorite Mer*Made Jewelry, I got this Herkimer necklace to add to my stash from her.
and this talented artist; Savannah Ashlee, makes these bohemian dream catchers and chic bones with glamours globes! 

Anyway, hope you can make it out to the next Pineapple Triangle event!  Every time it's a new charity we donate to. And even though I can't physically attend Hissyfits Hullabaloo, Sunday, March 8, my best selling items will be sharing a booth with Michelle of Funk Off and Meesh One Studio.

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