Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Celebrating Baby Schutsky

This past weekend was my sister in law, Gretchen's baby shower.  We were excited to celebrate this expected baby with her and her family.
Cute little sweetie pie set up.  A simple picnic theme planned by the women in her family.
sweet little frames with baby pictures, and some diapers for doodling.
at my shower everyone wrote a note, so I could read them as I changed diapers in the middle of the night, some were sweet reminders and some were funny jokes to make the whole diaper experience less shitty {see what I did there?} and I was excited to add to the notes of Gretchen's newborn diaper stash.
The tables and center pieces were adorable picnic ambiance.
and thankfully there were a lack of games, however we did participate in asking Gretchen which old wives tales she fulfilled, she ended up with a possible tie, who knows if I'm getting a niece or nephew.
Maybe Finley knows??
Sonja sat with Grandma at the shower, leaving me alone to eat my pie, but she did sneak a few smiles over.
My other sister in law Emily made all three of these delicious pies!
Perfect mini pies, a classic.
Strawberry Rubarb, a childhood favorite of mine.
And most importantly this Banoffee Pie, winner.  best one.  must get recipe.
Looks like W+G won't be needing much from their registry!  woohoo!
Vera loved all the fruit.
and watching Gretchen open her presents, the stare is real.
and this little shy almost toddler wouldn't give any smiles,
Gretchen opened all her presents while we enjoyed some mimosas.
Nonnie, Gretchen and Aunt Maryann
Excited to be an aunt again, and for the first time on the Schutsky side.
Brittany, Gretchen
Mama to be and Grandma to be
Stephanie and Gretch.
Gretchen and honorary Aunt Macey

Been to any good parties lately?  What was the "theme"? I'm always looking for more ideas to throw together a good time, and this picnic party was super cute for celebrating a soon to be sweetie pie.

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