Monday, March 2, 2015

What Sonja Wore + What Vera Basil Wore

{a quick look at toddler fashion in collaboration with Freshly Picked}

You Guys! I know I haven't shared a What Sonja Wore post in literally years, but that's because nothing she was wearing was all that special, but. but. BUT! this outfit is.  I have been working hard designing fabric, making silk screens and collaborating with other craftrepreneurs to bring everyone the best in toddler fashion {yeah, that's a thing!} and I'm excited to share these outfits with you! When Freshly Picked offered to send a pair of moccasins for my daughter to wear and for me to review I was so excited!  I love their selection of products and am really honored to collaborate with another company making everything by hand in the USA.  I also found a local jewelry maker at an artisan market who makes awesome stretchy bracelets and when I asked if she had kids sizes she whipped some up on the spot!  Anyway, the point of this post; What Sonja + Vera Wore...
We headed to the park last week, to grab a few quick photos of these outfits but more importantly to PLAY!  I'm not a mom who can just stay at home, if I'm home I want to work, or clean, or sleep, these girls love to play so I make sure we go on an adventure, EVERYDAY. library, park, gymnastics, coffee and tea dates, something. anything.
I decided to bring them to the park because I wanted to see how durable these moccasins were for an older toddler and Sonja wears her clothes hard, I also wanted to make sure the items I'm making hold up well, stitching and stretching are my top concerns, can kids play and spill food on my clothes without damage?
Of course, if you know the Schutsky Sisters, you know they both have sass, so I'm not suprised Vera lead the way.
Once we got to the playground Sonja couldn't resist the grasshopper ride and Vera picked the swings.
Does anyone know where I can get heart shaped glasses in my size?! {Vera's are from Target}
Vera will be two next week and she sits in the big kid swing no problem, babies turn into little people so fast!
She still has me push her in the swing...
...but Sonja has started to master the kick and tuck method to propel herself.
After playing for a bit we headed back to the car.
These moccs did a great job holding up on our outing,  There were some scuffs from the swing kicking {hard to see here because it was so bright out} but they didn't get nearly as beat up as I was concerned they would. I knew with an older kid wearing them, they were going to get broken in much quicker and probably not be as pretty on the bottom and I might have to say goodbye to that adorable FP stamp.  But I also know, soft sole shoes are best for kids up to age 5 when their feet are so quickly developing.  And when we're doing things with minimal walking on harsh concrete, I plan on having her wear them.  It's gets too hot here, in Phoenix, during the summer {see March to November} to have the kids wear soft sole shoes on concrete anyway, but they're perfect for indoor activities. If your kids are in preschool and even for us; light walking on softer outdoor surfaces.  They fit really well, and the tops stretches wide but then closes tight.  And of course, she can get them on and off easily because there are no straps or ties.  I like this color because they're so bright she never loses them around the house, this color practically glows and I can see them under the bed or sticking out from under the seats in my car.  However, these are the neon "green" color and as you can see below they match closer to the neon yellow of my dinosaur tee, just something to keep in mind if you're ordering various clothes and colors online.
I got the Neon Green Moccasins because I wanted to style them with my newest SS15 release; Neon Dinosaur Baseaball tees and my Donuts + Dinosaur shorts.  And thanks to a last minute find from Lotus and Lava, these super fun toddler bracelets in Neon Green go together with it all as well!
above; neon green bracelet from Lotus and Lava. 
and for even more color I paired Vera's Dinosaur tee with these bright triangle shorts I made.

What colors are you predicting this Spring and Summer?  What colors would you like to see more of in toddler fashion?  Drop a comment or link below, I'd love to see what your kids are wearing.  And if you like what you see, make sure to check back March 11 for details on an upcoming giveaway and follow along at @hawksandhoney on instagram for all the toddler fashion I can make.

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