Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Almost 2nd Birthday Vera Basil and a gift guide to celebrating mom on her birthing day!

So, Birthdays are, like, my favorite.  It's the one day a year we feel like it really is our day.  I sort of consider the entire month of November my birth month, and of course it's my favorite month of the year because it's mine.  I never realized how important birthdays are not only for the children but also the parents.  It was my first daughter's first birthday when a couple of friends of ours send Husband and I a gift certificate for an epic date night and had another friend deliver champagne, with the additional note something to the effect of; "We didn't know what to get a one year old and we thought you guys should get something too, since you birthed the thing!" Which really meant a lot, someone honored all that work and energy that went into getting that baby out.  It really stuck with me, so now whenever I go to a kids birthday I bring something for Mom {and usually Dad} because they worked hard, they kept their child alive, happy, safe for another year and they deserve a celebration too.  This isn't breaking news or anything, but kids aren't easy, so whenever we have a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of another parent we do!

What do you even get a mom to celebrate her birthing day?  Here are a few of my favorite local, handmade or otherwise necessary gift ideas...

Top Row from Upper Left:

The easiest of gifts is Champagne, nothing says celebrate like a bottle of bubbly.  I love this Trader Joe's Peach Sparkling White and I highly suggest picking up a bottle of it!

Pineapple Bracelet.  Any jewelry with natural stones is pretty much a win, I love this one, by MeeshOneStudio, because Phoenix's Summers start in the Spring and Vera loves pineapples.

This Could Be Vodka Tumbler because, if I'm being honest some mornings I'd rather have alcohol than coffee if it meant I could relax, but I can't so I'll just joke about it instead.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond Upcycled Pallet, because gentle reminders of being awesome are the best motivation, not only for Mom but also for inspiring strong daughters {and sons}.

Mame Soy Candles because kids stink and I want my house smelling like coconuts all day long.  This Sun Tan Oil scent would be perfect for a mom, especially one like me who barely has time to clean my house, at least it would smell amazing.

Mama Love Tree Baltic Amber matching necklace.  If you know anything about moms like me, it's our love for amber, the healing properties are phenomenal and just having them on either baby or mom creates a calm and soothing environment!

Portrait by Gabriela Angulo, This elegantly simple portrait would be a perfect way to document children for a mom, a collection of them would be amazing as the kids grow and change. Definitely something I'm going to have to acquire.

Succulent Planter. Please, Please, Please, do not be a cliche, this is especially important for my husband, I do not want flowers that will wilt and die on my kitchen table, how does that celebrate life?! No, get something living! I love succulents and something awesome like these geometric platners would be perfect for an indoor arrangement.

Handmade Book: Shit I Was Right About Book.  So, I don't think this book is for sale, however handmade gifts always rock my world so find a tutorial and make your mama friend a gift that will make her laugh out loud, also I chose this one, because I want to have a collection of told-you-so(s) to pass on to my kids when they're teenagers.

Personalized Signature Necklace.  I would love one of these necklaces with my writing for each of my kids names or my kids writing their own names.

Personalized Bangles, are also a sweet reminder, not that having tiny humans climbing on you is easy to forget, but as my kids get older I get dressed up and thoughtful reminders of them throughout the day are calming, so reading their names on my wrist is something I would totally rock, especially in a variety of precious metals.

Thanks for reading along! and check back tomorrow because I'll be posting a gift guide for what I would get my kids for their birthday and hint hint there will be a giveaway, including some of the items pictured above!{insert happy dance}  What gifts would you get mom? do you celebrate your mom though out the year? or save it all for mother's day?

all items pictured above were chosen by Jennifer Lind Schutsky and the options of myself, I only collaborate with businesses I truely support and am thankful for the contributions of my partners to the upcoming giveaway.

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