Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vera Basil Turns 2 {Blue Airplane! Party}

For the past few months Vera has been going on and on about blue airplanes, so for her second birthday I decided to host a Blue Airplane Party.

for the past month if you asked her about her birthday it would go something like this:
Vera, how old are you going to be?
Two?! Are you going to have a birthday party?
Blu Aerpane
Blue airplane?
2 aerpane! RUNNNNN!

I didn't want to do another airplane party after our last F*CK United {airlines} Party, so I opted for more of a travel themed party.  I got Vera this book, Maps, for her birthday.  It's so beautifully illustrated. 
My friend Jessica made this globe and loaned it to me for the party isn't she talented?!
After rummaging through old suitcases from antique shops and friends I assembled this table display.  I personally opt for ceramic plates and silver flatware as opposed to plastic plates and fork, it's not about being elitist or elegant it's about using resources responsibility.  I have a stash of thrifted plates and silverware just for these occasions they don't match and I don't care about them going in the dishwasher, but seriously it saves on so much waste! The environmentalist in me begs that you try it at your next event!
My sister in law saved these ball jars doomed for the trash from a wedding she worked at and I upcycled them into these gold spray painted jars for my sister in law's bridal shower, now I'm reusing them for this event.
Emily {our family baker} made vanilla cupcakes for the party.
My sister and I took a quick break to smile for the camera before hastily finishing setting up.
Thanks to Nonno for pulling though and deliver a bouquet of balloons including an airplane balloon!
The kids had a blast in backyard, and Vera loved her new farm lego set from Grandma.
They all played on the teeter totter of danger gifted from my aunt and uncle for Sonja last year.
Matt and Emily.
Sarai and the birthday girl.
and huge thank you to Macey for building this blue airplane out of cardboard!!
Baby Basil and Aunt Emmy.
Delmara and her boys.
For the game I wanted to modify a pin the tail on the donkey, and so I made airplanes from post it notes and had the kids stick them to the map, then chose the planes closest to places to give prices, I bought mexican hot chocolate and Russian nesting dolls and other candies and toys from world market to give away.
Isn't "Thailand" the best prize?
The weather was wonderful for all the outdoor playing.
Someone loved the whipped cream.
and all the kids loved the frosting.
Then as the night went on the birthday girl took a nap and the kids played inside while the adults hung out on the patio.
Then at Sonja's request we roasted marshmallows for s'mores.
Our friends the Ferris Family.
Birthday girl woke up just in time for some fun by the fire.
It was a great day!
Happy Birthday Vera Basil! we love you!!


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