Friday, April 24, 2015

Why I cancelled everything and went to Ireland, on a whim, instead.

 This is why I keep my passport {and my kids' passports} active.

When my mother mentioned to me last year that her mom, my grandma, was going to Ireland {she's never been out of the county}, I told her she needs to go.  But she said she couldn't miss work. ?!?!?!  But you know everyone's priorities are different.  Then, last week she brought it up again; how she took the day off work and got her passport {I thought she got it to go see my sister in Switzerland, while she nannys there next year} but turns out she got it, in hopes of getting it in time to go to Ireland for 4 {F O U R} days.  I was like, 'no, that's not enough time!' Anyway, she was thinking maybe my sister and/or I could go with her so she wouldn't be flying by herself to meet up with her mom and her sister.  Of course, I wasn't about to miss out on memories of a lifetime, while my mom and sister went with my grandma and aunt, so I sucked it up, cancelled all my plans for the week and booked out flights for a week.

Now, I'm just hoping my sister-in-law keeps that baby in her belly to at least 38 weeks and 4 days so I can be home in time to capture his or her sweet entrance into the world.  But, even with the possibility of missing her birth and having to cancel 2 other significant commitments and missing work, I just couldn't not go and miss out on what will sadly be one of the last opportunities to be with my grandmother on such an amazing trip, she's getting older and recent health issues are making it clear that she won't be able travel much in the future {this is also her first time out of the country}, so I cancelled a week of my life to live a little.

I refuse to regret not doing something special with people I love just because I have 'things to do' it definitely wasn't an easy choice and I did have to make a choice but, I this is the thing I would regret most if I had to miss it.  So, here's to Ireland, Memories and Four Generations of Women.

That's My Grandmother and her daughters,
My Mother and her daughters,
and Me and my daughters.

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