Monday, April 27, 2015

Day One in Ireland

Our First Day in Ireland...
Before we got to Ireland, we had a layover in New York City, sort of wish we could have been there for longer than an hour but it was nice to break up the flights into a 5 hour and 7 hour flight.
Once we got on the ground we started exploring, our rental car agent suggested Malahide for a quick stop.
Our first stop was at Insomnia Cafe for some coffee, since we hadn't slept in 18 hours and were starting a new day.
I love these trees growing all over the country.
Sonja wanted to stop at a flower shop and get some flowers for her Daddy, I didn't have the heart to tell her they weren't going to make the flight back so I told her we could dry them and press them so they'd be pretty for him.
This little girl loves to stop and smell the flowers.
Loved these tulips with green stripes up the side.
This library was another favorite.
Wouldn't mind having to stay at this Grand Hotel.
Vera and Sonja with their Aunt Brittany on the beach of the Irish Sea.
Super cute town, notice left lane driving?!  Such an adjustment!
After hanging out in Malahide and NOT falling asleep while driving I got us safely to Limerick.
I aways love the old stone walls, and the greenery dominating the cracks and flourishing.
I was impressed to see all the murals and graffiti around Limerick, it was a small city with lots of art.
While walking around looking for somewhere to eat we stumbled upon St. Mary's Cathedral.  
the entryway to the cemetery.
We found The Locke Bar along the water.
I don't usually drink beer but my sister ordered an Irish Pale Ale and I got one too.
My Fried Chicken Sandwich was AMAZING.
I shared the Fish and Chips with my sister as well.
Walking back to the hotel.
And then before sunset we rushed out to find King John's Castle and we walked past this Medieval Town House Walls and Fireplace.
Caption for the above image.  The 15th century walls were discovered in 1990 during development and are now supported with steel beams.
Finally made our way to King John's Castle from around 1200 A.D.
And right next to the castle was this Mural, more wall art please!
And of course my girls loved this horse graffiti,
And finally a sunset at around 9:17pm.

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