Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day Two in Ireland {Killarney}

Our second day in Ireland was Friday and it basically consisted of me driving around awkwardly through the country on left side of the road.
excuse my awkward smile, but we thought we should document driving on the right side of the car.
The second day was more what I expected of Ireland, foggy, cloudy, cool and green.
I always love to spy a wedding.  
Another photo from the car, thanks to my sister for capturing moments while I was driving, I kept seeing beautiful views but couldn't manage a camera and the wheel, it was torture.
Once we got to Killarney, we took a jaunting cart on a tour.  Out in that lake there are over 30 tiny islands.
Resting place.
Finally, we caught sight of the historic home.
Sonja loved the horse cart ride.
Isn't the Muckross House Beautiful? We didn't go inside but my Grandmother did, but they don't allow photos inside anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to tell you about all the amazing antiques they found inside.
Seven Women, Four Generations, Three sets of Sisters and One trip to Ireland.

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