Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day Four in Ireland {Killarney to Cork and Waterford}

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed out to Blarney Castle.  It took about an hour to get there but was totally worth the drive, isn't it beautiful?! 
The grounds at Blarney Castle.
The Castle.
As we walked around to the entrance we looked up...
isn't it impressive?
Walking towards the Castle the girls picked up flowers from my favorite trees in Ireland.
Inside the tunnels and up the stairs.
Of course I always keep an eye out for the plants that grow in the cracks of civilization.
This is the view from the top of the castle.
This is looking down from the top, to where the dining room would have been.
My Aunt, My Grandma and My Mom.
just above that window you'll find the Blarney Stone.  I didn't kiss it because Husband told me people pee on it after the tourists leave.
Tropical plants in a non tropical place.
Love the texture of the roots on this wall.
This cave was just upon the entrance to the Bog Garden.
Tiny Waterfalls.
My sister documenting all.the.pretty.
Standing stones.
at this time in my life, I would like nothing more than a gypsy wagon.
Ireland Soup Game Strong! from the Stable Yard Cafe.
Walking through the Poison Garden with toddlers was a little bit scarier than I would have liked...
Of course rhubarb is only dangerous if you eat the leaves.
but some of the plants I didn't recognize and the sign said not to inhale too closely to the plants!
These ones were growing on another wall, but I started thinking about what if the poisonous plants germinated and started growing somewhere else on grounds how would we know?!
Vera found this little nook just past the Poison Garden.
Looking up from her little hiding spot.
These girls were having too much fun on this adventure.
walking back towards the castle overlooking the garden.
and then we found some cows!
and a web.
After the castle we headed on our way to Cork, so my mom and sister could go to the Jameson Distillery, I opted to take the kids for ice cream instead...
Sonja went with the Mint Chip option and Vera cold not be more excited about her sorbet.  
Once we finished with ice cream we walked back to the distillery.  Who wouldn't want their very own whisky train?!
Love these tufted barrel chairs in their main lobby.
And of course the cutest little windows and prettiest copper still to be seen!  Once we all got back in the car we drove back into Cork actual city and got some prosecco and crepes on the water from SugarCube...
It was so windy but so beautiful out.
It was soooo cold, but 'I Give No Trucks' I wanted a picture in front of the beautiful buildings and river anyway!
Sonja was having a great time playing with aunt brittany.
found this pretty church walking back to our car.
and then MORE DRIVING...
It's okay because it was a beautiful drive all the way to Waterford.
The girls were asleep but Sonja woke up just in time to go on the ferry ride to our Castle's Island!
We drove on and over to the island to stay at the Waterford Castle Hotel.
More about that in my next post.  

Thanks for reading along, excited to share the rest of our trip with you.  Have you been to Ireland?  What was your favorite place? Planning a trip? Where do you want to go most?


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