Friday, May 8, 2015

Day Five in Ireland {Waterford}

Monday we spent the day sleeping in and playing in the rain before heading to our 3 o'clock afternoon tea at the castle.
While I got the girls rain boots the day before, grandma splurged and got them some umbrellas.  Perfect because it rained all morning.
We walked down to the playground by our room apartment.
I love European playgrounds because they have so much more character and utilize the surroundings.  This teeter totter was a little scary though, fun, but scary.
after playing on the playground, we walked to the castle for tea.  Do you know where afternoon tea originated?
we were all dressed up and excited for an afternoon of scones and tea.
I couldn't get a photo of the whole castle without taking a panoramic, but you can just see all the stonework and vines. heart eyes for days!
love what I think is the staircase {the round part in the middle of this image}, and those beautiful windows on the right!
When we walked in the tapestry that greeted us was impressive and intricate.  I loved all the details of the castle.
In the tea room, there was a bar, and that wood carving on the top has me seriously envious of the craftmanship of the castle and it's antiques.
Brittany Started with the mint tea for herself and Sonja.
They brought us this duck something and fig appetizer.  The duck meat was good {I sort of didn't want to know what part it was} and it had nuts mixed in with it.  but the sweet and savory worked well.
I ordered Irish Breakfast Tea, the full tea selection here.
I pretty much love that all the scones are served with butter, jam AND clotted cream {think whipped cream}, was it totally decadent to put all three on my scones and then eat like 4 of them?!

Tea Sandwiches for three.
Desserts for three. one was caramel, one was carrot cake-ish, cream puff type things with pistachios on top and chocolate decadent something.
Gah! give me all the vines and old glass windows.
Some pretty Irish Shrubbery.
And these flowers!
My wild childs and of course I'm behind the camera and never in a documentable photo.
anyway, after tea we were off for Dublin!

I'm excited to share all the fun in Dublin next, it was a beautiful day in the city and we had so much fun.

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