Friday, May 15, 2015

Day Six in Ireland {Dublin}

Tuesday, we started at Guinness and worked our way back to our hotel walking through the city.
I missed out on the Jameson Distillery because I wasn't sure if I could bring kids but for Guinness, I just decided to bring them and they had a great time.
When we walked in the girls were excited to play with all the barley.  I had to practically pull them away.
We learned the common ingredients in beer.
and took a peak at the yeast vault.
Everything was set up like a museum, wonderfully curated.
I loved all the worn tiles and new decals.
This brewery was chosen for it's location near clean usable water.  Inside there was this waterfall with glass roof.

we all liked that part too, good thing they brought their umbrellas. crying laughing emoji here.
So one of the coolest parts of the old equipment was how they added screens to show how the machine would have actually worked, like this roasting machine with projection of what it would look like inside.
I just appreciate how well made historical or antique items are made.
looking down on the actual brewing equipment used currently.
Also we made it to the second level cafe and had guinness muffins for breakfast.
and this Bailey's Irish Creme Berry Muffin.
Once we were done with breakfast we got our taster samples.
and then in the gravity lounge we each got a full size sample included in our admission.
the girls could care less about the view and spent the time drawing on the maps on the floor.
walking back to our hotel, I grabbed snapshots or moment of meaningful sites and landmarks.
interesting little details on the sidewalk.
street art.
we stopped in at Bit of Life Cafe! so good.
It's rare to find juice in Europe, like actual juice like juicing juice.  Last trip to Europe all I wanted was some kale and apple juice and this was carrot and they had a full menu. 
We found St. Patrick's Cathedral, in retrospect we should have gone inside to see what it was all about but instead I just let the kids run around and play on the playground.
they had a great time.
and then we rushed off and onward to Dublin Castle.
Amazing right?
Finally, we made it back to the hotel room and Vera was done.  Can you even handle this?!
For dinner we went to the Bernard Shaw, a cool place for concerts and shows, but with a hidden double decker bus in the back, yes, I said hidden!  To find the double decker bus in the back, go through the bar, downstairs and out the orange door to the right. 
We started with hummus.
Since we got an early dinner we had the upper deck of the bus to ourselves.
goat cheese pizza.
Spicy ultra spicy walnut and chili jam pizza, I couldn't even, I'm such a wimp!
My mom got bruschetta and it was spot on!
Aunt Brittany playing jenga livin' that aunt life.
Temple Bar district, if I didn't have the kids with me I would have loved to explore the area!
walking back to our hotel.
And then further.  We finally made it back again after walking a little more down the street. 

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  1. How fun! I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Great photos!