Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gather the City {a mama meet up at Cien Agaves}

This weekend was SO busy! and I'm barely catching up and it's already Tuesday, but I wanted to share this wonderful meet up with a group of women hosted by Allison and Miranda.  They chose the location, Cien Agaves in old town Scottsdale.   I love Mexican food but hadn't even heard of this place before.  I was obviously pretty excited to get my Mama Margarita on...
Our wonderful hosts purchased a couple of pitchers of Margaritas for the table.
I totally caught everyone off guard with my camera.
and I met these like minded mamas.
I wish I would have been less socially awkward and walked around to get know the women on the other end of the table,  but I'm looking forward to what these two ladies plan in the future.
AND the food was delicious, thanks for asking.
I got the battered fish, seared ahi and veggie tacos.  There was also a beet bowl, which I tried and I will definitely be back to order it again soon.
Great conversations with lots of other women, and surprisingly a bunch of us were or are teachers.
We ended up staying for a few HOURS, such a good time I totally lost track of it, and had to rush off and home,  since I was gone for so long and because Husband has been watching the kids so much lately.  I used to feel guilty about getting "me time", but now I'm just grateful.  

Do you have a community of women you connect with?  I'd love to hear about your meet ups and gatherings.  I'm always inspired by empowered women and strong communities!

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