Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding Dress Hunting {Photographer on Safari}

So, one of my favorite things about being a photographer is following around my friends documenting exciting life moments.  It's not just posed or styled shoots, it's real excitement, real moments and I love capturing that story for them.  So when my friend, Meghan, mentioned she would be searching for her wedding dress last weekend I couldn't help but offer my services. She went to Almond Tree Weddings for her dress.  Here we are as I follow along with her on her hunt for the perfect dress...
Here I am in my white camouflage blending in with my surroundings.
I loved all the texture of the dresses, lace, tulle and satin? yes, please. 
When we first got there Meghan was grabbing all the dresses! She found so many, some weren't her style but for the most part, with the giant selection she was able to get a large range of dresses to try on.
As she was in the changing room, I noticed some details in the shoe section, I think these were my favorite over the top decorated shoes.
Here I am trying on veils, while waiting.  Thoughts? 
One of the NOT THE DRESS dresses.  She loved the cut and style of this one but the ruffles on the bottom weren't really her thing.  
Can you guys even handle how much train this dress has?  The owner told me it weighs 60 pounds!  Thankfully, Meghan did NOT want a train, I can't even imagine trying to get this dress on.
I love this one, it's simple, elegant and the top still has details. but ultimately NOT THE DRESS.
As she tried on many more, her friend and I decided on which one should get.
And even though this on was a close second, it is also NOT THE DRESS.
I promise to share THE DRESS after her wedding day!  If you think she looked good in all of these, you won't believe how beautiful she and the dress are that she chose.  It's taking a lot of willpower not to show you all. Sorry, Not Sorry.

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