Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to use 10 pounds of fresh peaches in a week {recipes and links}

After going peach picking last week, we had close to 10 pounds of peaches, we ate most of them the same day, binging at the farm and on the drive home, but after a couple of days, we were over it.  But I wasn't about to let my peaches go to waste so we started getting creative.
Just a small amount of the peaches we needed to use.
So with the help of our backyard eggs, I had husband make some waffles.
I prepped about 4 or 5 peaches while he started the batter.
He used this recipe.
and Sonja helped as we added the fruit {I threw in some blueberries at the last minute}
The batter was fluffy but heavy, there was so much butter! 
The girls enjoyed their peaches with syrup!

And then the next morning I made crescent rolls with brie and peaches, I also used some of the sugar free peach jam from Schnepf Farms {the peaches were sweet enough, I didn't need extra sugar!}
They turned out delicious, because, duh, they had melted brie in them!  You could totally add walnuts to the mix if you wanted something crunchy in there as well.
They didn't last 5 minutes. I might have eaten like 5 of them.

Once we had a decent breakfast I thought I'd start on some peach bourbon for our Memorial Day BBQ, So I wiped out a cast iron skillet, set it on a low heat and coated the peached in agave {could have used honey, but we were out, sad face} I also threw in a few vanilla pods to give it a fully body of sweet flavor.
Once the peaches have seared for a couple of seconds, maybe minutes, I added the mixture to a ball jar.
You can see the gooey goodness of that agave! yum.
Then, I added a bottle of bourbon to let sit for several hours {better if overnight} perfect in lemonade or even straight up. 

How do you use peaches in your home?  I'd love a collection of even more recipes.  Post all the links!

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