Monday, July 27, 2015


Portland was our 4th stop on our road trip and after our morning at Umpqua Hot Springs, we ventured into Portland arriving mid afternoon, we checked into our hotel and got unpacked and situated before heading out and finding a kid friendly brewery.  
view from our room at the Sheraton Downtown in Portland
Vera must have missed double pillows and fitted sheets, because she climbed right into bed.
and of course our usual hotel traditions.
We decided on Rogue Brewery for some dinner.  Like most breweries, it's pretty causal, but they make their own seasoning and sauces and I appreciate that they have their own farm, where some of their ingredients come from.
plus who doesn't love drinking with grandma, cheers!
I ordered their Honey beer obviously. 
and Husband got a sour of some kind that came with this green syrup to sweeten it.
I love this play corner Rogue has, and the kids enjoyed the food too.
I got a veggie sandwich.
We walked back to our hotel room and called it a night, traveling with kids and driving even for a few hours is exhausting.
The next morning we got a fresh start and drove over the water to get some coffee.
The girls loved all the bridges.
Portland is full of fun pockets of cute neighborhoods and vibrant color, I've never been there in the summer before, it was really bright compared to the usual overcast I've always seen it in.
We went to Good Coffee and Vera requested a chocolate croissant.  I sort of wanted more of a real breakfast but the pastries were delicious as was the coffee.
after breakfast we drove around.
isn't this church beautiful?  I'm such a sucker for stained glass. 
On our way to the children's museum we drove under this mountain.
The girls spent the majority of their time in this water area.
Then, we moved on to the space ship center.
We built some rocket ships and blast off.
Then, the tree house.
and then into the Outdoor Adventure playroom. 
Considering we had just been outdoor and still planning on heading outdoors we decided to call it a day before actually going outdoors, that and the fact we wanted to get to get some dinner before driving up to Seattle.
We decided to check out this 10 Barrel Brewing Co. just up the street from Rogue.
These girls ate more mac and cheese on this trip than I think they probably should have in a lifetime, take note restaurants, kids will eat vegetables if you put it in their food or on your menu, parents who don't like veggies will tell you, I promise.
I asked for their Thai burger but with veggies instead, because I'm that girl, and you know what it was delicious and even a little spicy and I ate it.  
Then off we were on to our next destination, Seattle, it only took an hour in traffic to get on our way, but we did it!
and look at that volcano on our way out of Portland.
Too bad I didn't bring our passports, we could have kept going all the way to Vancouver.

What are your favorite places in Portland or the Pacific Northwest? I'd love to stay in Oregon for a couple more days next time, especially with their beautiful campsites and breweries.  What do you suggest?

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