Tuesday, July 28, 2015


After our second day in Portland we hopped in the car and headed to Seattle after a few short hours in the car we arrived. 
We got to our hotel and unpacked unloaded and then headed out to dinner.  I'm not sure if you've noticed the theme to our vacation but we like to eat, and the majority of my excitement of each city came from the restaurants we were going to get to enjoy while in each new place.
Our first meal is Seattle was of course Thai Tom.  A hole in the wall tiny thai place in the U district.
It's a SMALL space.
and at the bar you can watch them cook with giant flames.
I always order two meals here because it's my favorite.  I got the spring rolls, Rama Tofu and Pad Thai spicy: 2.  They only go to 5 for spicy and, literally, someone ordered an 8 and had to be taken to the hospital for heart palpitations.  So, I stick with a 2 and the girls ate it even though they had to wash every bite down with thai iced tea.
Can you believe it's 9:30pm in this photo? we don't have daylight savings time in Phoenix, so these late summer nights are very strange to me.
of course husband parked on the adjacent parking lot's roof so he could see his car.
and the girls loved dancing in the window.
at night we had a pretty cute view.
Next morning, surprise, surprise, another cafe, and more food.  Cloud City Coffee has one of my favorite coffee drinks explained below.
tons of toys for the kids to play with makes this a perfect family cafe.
we all got quiche.
and I got a Medici.  It's a mocha latte with orange zest and this one has almond milk. yum.
Obviously the kids had a great time.
we drove around exploring on our way to Discovery Park 
Husband explained some plants to the girls.
and we walked around.
we had a great time except for the stinging nettles that smacked vera in the face poor girl, and it stung my leg too.  
So as a teat we stopped in at Top Pot and got some donuts.
and then headed next door to Molly Moons for some ice cream too.
the PNW heat wave really did a number on my cone within minutes.
but Vera didn't mind, and no more tears about her nettle sting either.
after a little nap at the hotel, MORE FOOD, this time on the beach with friends.
we got take out from el chupacabra, and ate it by the water.
It was so indiscibably wonderful to see some old friends and catch up.  There are some humans that I just connect with and a few too many of them live in Seattle hundreds of miles away.
The next morning we walked from our hotel to Bacco Bistro for brunch by Pike Place Market.
After lunch we walked down to the market.
of course we had to get Sonja some flowers.
Then we walked down a bit more to take a peek at the waterfront. 
after a few minutes in the sun we headed back to our hotel.
later in afternoon we met up with our friend Jaxon at Freshy's 
they had some pretty epic stew.
and decent beer.
the next morning we left bright and early on our next camping adventure, check back soon to see how that turned out.

Where are your favorite places to eat in seattle? Any other kid friendly activities I forgot to mention?

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