Sunday, July 12, 2015


San Francisco was the second stop on our West Coast Road Trip.  After driving up the Pacific Coast Highway and being in the car for 12 hours and 5 of those unexpected we were ready to relax, settle in at our airbnb, hang out and eventually explore.  We've been to SF once before, and I knew I wanted to bring the kids to the Warf even though it's the most touristy part of the city. So, I thought we'd get it out of the way first thing. So, we started our first day in San Francisco by taking the bus to Fisherman's Warf, husband took the car to Alameda to get his hair cut, but I had my friend Cameron with me and we were pretty comfortable with public transportation.  I basically walked to the bus stop and when the next bus came asked which one takes us to the Warf and the driver told me and  we waited for that one. I was trying to find an app. like I had in NYC for the subways but I couldn't find anything that had the BART and busses, anyway turns out asking someone in real life works well too.  
I followed the bus route on my map app just to make sure we didn't miss the stop and that we were in fact heading the right direction.  Once we got to the last stop we got out and walked along the water to Boudin Bread.
I know it's a pretty touristy place to go but I really love soup in bread bowls so we ate lunch there. 
I shared the veggie sandwich and tomato soup with Sonja and Vera. 
After lunch we walked to Ghirardelli Square and got some cupcakes from a little bakery in the square; Kara's Cupcakes.  Then took the bus back to our house.
After dropping off my friend Cameron back at the house we started driving to Petaluma for Husband's family's rehearsal dinner.
Vera's first time one the Golden Gate Bridge.
So we pulled over to take a family photo.
Isn't his cousin Nancy talented?! The whole backyard dinner looked more like a wedding than a 'dinner' but it was still intimate and the food was delicious.
Everyone had a great time, even though it was freezing!
The next morning we set out looking for this beautiful mosaic staircase a friend sent me on pinterest.
It was at 16th and Moraga and totally worth looking for. We're all on the lower steps, ignore the guys in blue and grey.
Each step had beautiful detailed mosaics. 
The view from the steps was pretty great too.
After we got to the top of the Moraga steps we found more stairs.  So we climbed those too.
 and then we found more.
and we climbed those too.
then, we walked over some tree branches.
and we were greeted with this epic view of the city.  See that tiny Golden Gate Bridge in the background?
We even got a family photo in!  Which is pretty rare since I'm usually behind the camera.
My nephew grabbing a snack, hooray for new parents not letting the fear of traveling with kids keep them at home! I promise traveling with kids isn't any more scary, difficult or challenging than leaving home on a normal day, bring what you need, leave what you don't and go!
My sister in law and her husband met some friends in SF for the day and they hung out with us for a bit.  Caleb is an amazing photographer and you can find his work here.
Obviously after those steps we were hungry! We found the Greenhouse cafe and the food was awesome and they had Thai Iced tee which my kids could not have been more excited about.
After lunch we headed down to Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies, too bad they were busy getting some work done.  {also let's talk about how much I love Freshly Picked and this carry all was the best around town bag I could have asked for!}
From one place to the next! after the park we rushed home to get ready for Husband's cousin's wedding!
I took a photo of Husband while waiting for the wedding to start...
,,, and he snuck this one of me.
The groomsmen rode in on golf carts.
And the groom escorted his mom down the aisle {cue all my tears}
Look at all these beautiful bridesmaids!  So many and they all look like Greek goddesses with those dressses on!
Do you love this photo of Chris looking at his bride to be? Because, I do.
As a guest I tried not to take too many photos of the ceremony of weddings, I try to remain present, but I loved this moment and had to take a picture.
Thanks family for taking photos of me and Husband.
Matt + Emily
Gretchen + Wayne and newest addition baby A!
The reception was beautiful and we were at lucky table 13
Matt may not have been impressed with our dance skills.
This bride was too kind as she fed her new husband his cake. Or was I the only one who shoved it in Husbands face?
They were just so sweet to each other.
And it helped that the cake was delicious.
The next morning we decided to check out the Japanese Tea Garden.
It was beautiful and full of bonsai trees and Japanese structures.
The girls loved all the ponds and I wish we had lily pads in phoenix, they're so interesting.
Thanks to my friend Cameron for snagging this photo of us on a handmade bridge commissioned in 1894.
Of course we said hello to all the coi fish.
Vera did not want to leave them!
But we walked on the stone walkways and talked her into getting some lunch.
There were food trucks in the Golden Gate Park, so we sat down and ate lunch on the steps to the right of the stage.
Then we walked over to the museum so Vera could see the apples we love so much. 
Walking around the area the girls found some fun sidewalk signs.
And the Ice Cream from Sundays at San Franpsyco was delicious, I got the Sea-Salted Caramel!
and I'm not a jerk, I shared! and then we took Cameron back to the airport.
Did I mention that Gay Marriage passed while we were in SF a super exciting city to be in when love is finally legal.
We headed out the next morning for our drive up to Oregon to camp.
Isn't the view leaving just breath taking?!
The houses are of course the hardest thing to leave behind in SF
but eventually we did make it out of town! and started our journey north.  Check back soon to see the rest of our travels or connect on facebook or instagram!


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