Thursday, June 25, 2015


We started our #SchutskyWestCoastTour on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  We had the car loaded, Husband changed the oil and replaced the windshield.  We were ready!  
Our first stop was San Diego, California.
Husband loves to drive and I love to read so I took the co-pilot seat and documented everything.
heading out of town and into the desert isn't all that impressive, I love the desert but this drive is drawn out and desolate, and not in a pretty desert kind of way, in an overdeveloped kind of depressing kind of way.
on the road.
Driving and more driving.  This drive from Phoenix to San Deigo is about 6 hours, one of the medium length drives on our trip.
Sun set just outside of Yuma and we got in late Saturday night.
I wanted to wake up in San Diego so we could spend Father's day at the beach instead of in the car and have our "stay"cation without having to leave the kids right away. 
Around 2pm we said goodbye to my parents and headed to our BnB.
We stayed at the Britt Scripps Inn in the Garden Room and had our dinner date at Searsucker in the Gaslamp Quarter.
We woke up to beautiful Garden Views and while the breakfast was less than to be desired {just premade muffins and stale fruit} but the courtyard was worth it and next time I'll make sure to book a room with a clawfoot tub!
documented some of my favorite details.
and even though this lady was staring at us all night we had a fabulous anniversary.
Check out came too soon but we decided to leave early and head over to Little Italy for some Pappalecco, since I was so hungry and wanted a proper latte {we ate here a couple of years ago and it was one of my favorite almost Italy cafes}.
this guy. heart eyes for days. 
might not look like much, but I promise less is more, that balsamic though!
Seriously, such a cute little neighborhood.
After our brunch we headed back to our beach house, the girls were playing out front with their cousins. 
and then we enjoyed some gin and tonics on our patio.
The next morning Husband headed to Donut Bar in downtown SD. {Vera picked out the cake batter and it was huge!}
Husband got me a boston creme because they're my favorite! 
Then, Husband took the kite out with girls.
It wasn't quite windy enough, but they had a great time chasing him around.
Then, they played in the bay with their floating ducks and fluffy skirts, we got lunch at La Playa Taco Shop, their veggie burritos are my favorite!
We ended the evening with more beach hangs and Thai food take out.  
For Breakfast we went to The Mission.  Husband ordered the apple sausage chicken entree.
I got the Rosemary Mission Breakfast with avocado. The potatoes are definitely the best part!
I ordered a plate of Mission French Toast for the table and the girls loved it!  {as do I, but it's pretty sweet so I never like to order it, unless I'm sharing it}
Vera says woohoo!
My sister and I bought new swimsuits this summer, we thought it deserved documentation.
The kids played at the beach for the rest of the afternoon.  We had some plans to visit the tide pools but my nephew was sick yesterday and the tides were high this afternoon, so maybe again another time.
We rented a paddle board from RAD and paddled around the bay...
...and then did some yoga, I could only manage this bakasana and tree pose.
but my sister was a little bit better than me.
Today in yoga was her first headstand, and then she busts out this, for real?
We ended the evening roasting s'mores on the beach.
We left early the next morning for our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway which I'll write more about later,  next stop San Francisco.

What are your favorite things to do in San Diego, or while traveling?  I'd love to hear about it!

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