Saturday, August 15, 2015

Corrosive {a contribution to the Bacon Cat Zine}

My friend has a zine and this edition's theme was this is for us.  So, I thought about that for a few days {weeks} and I had a couple other ideas, but I narrowed it down to this one.  We often say we are causing pollution, we are cutting down trees, we are hurting the environment, and while I don't believe I'm free of all the blame, I definitely think there is a distinction between us and them.  They are adding chemicals to food, I grow mine at home.  They are polluting the water, I'd prefer to drink mine from a stream.  They are clear cutting forests and building skyscrapers, I'd rather be camping.  So, I thought about it some more and decided the things that are mine, are worth fighting for.
Did you know that breast milk contains the following chemicals:
Dieldrin, Aldrin and Endrin 
Nitro Musks 
Dioxins and Furans 
Solvents Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Other Metals
{and even after all that it's still safer/better than formula}

So my milk, my body, my babies those are ours, THIS IS FOR US, the toxicity and destruction, that is theirs, they can have that.

For more information on chemicals in breast milk, you can read about Flame Retardant in Breast Milk, There's more than just milk in there, and it changes based on how long you breast feed for.

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