Tuesday, August 25, 2015


One of the last cities on our West Coast Road Trip was Denver, my best friend lives there and we've only been able to visit twice because it's just barely too far to drive and plane tickets are a bit too much for a family of four, so we made sure to put it on our road list and we actually get to go back in October for her wedding!  Anyway, here's how we spent a little over 24 hours in Denver.
Leaving Longmont, CO around lunch time, was great because we missed most of the rush hour traffic going into Denver. 
It was only about an hour drive into Denver, and we come in from the north.
I always forget that Denver has a decent sized downtown, and a cute one at that.
Originally, we were going to stay with my friend, but at the last minute Husband decided to splurge on a hotel room, so we stayed at The Art, a hotel.

Every detail at the hotel was a touch of creativity, it just opened the month before and was one of the nicest places I've ever stayed. Even the soap was beautiful.  The girls took a bath while I went to a crossfit + yoga class with Alex at The River and Fitness on the Rocks.
Contrary to the photo, she nailed the class while I almost passed out. 
It's cool I walked back to our hotel {literally next door to the Denver Art Museum} and after a quick shower was ready to get some grub!
Alex suggested City O City for dinner and I know she has my same standards for food, so of course we agreed and met her and her fiance there with the girls.
There was a short wait but the girls enjoyed walking around the streets and goofing off.
but then it started to rain so we went inside.
Luckily they got us seated pretty quickly...
...I was starting to get hangry and the girls were getting crazy.
I think it was sangria to the rescue.
But all their drinks looked amazing.
and so did their food.
They accidentally brought us the cupcake Sonja picked out for desert as an appetizer, but we were all so hungry we decided to eat it right away.
and then also devour the cheese board.
everything was delicious, well seasoned and savory.
after dinner we walked back to our hotel.
and Husband documented the lobby turned art gallery.
aren't these golden nuggets awesome? They're actually made from fabric.
and this Formica fish!
there was art, literally, around every corner.
There were even performance art videos in the elevators.
and giant paintings on each floor.
even their key card holders were inspiring.
and I love anywhere that leave water in glass bottles on your night stand while you're out at dinner.
That next morning we met Alex and Andy at Europa Coffee House
Denver Artists on Display Lucresia Schultz and Jonathan Wiley.
Husband got the breakfast burrito.
and I got this croissant sandwich, both were delicious.
and after our too quick goodbyes we were back on the road again, to our last stop, Albuquerque!

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