Monday, August 3, 2015

WEST COAST ROAD TRIP {Camping in Yellowstone}

After waking up in Missoula, Montana, not quite as expected, missing the breakfast buffet because of time changes, and finally hitting the road, we were on our way to camp in Yellowstone! 
The drive was beautiful, wonderful weather and perfect skies.
but it was a lot of driving {over 4 hours}.
We loved telling the girls to look out their windows to see horses.
I wanted us to camp at Lewis and Clark but since we drove further than expected the day before we skipped it, did pass this cool motel though.
Eventually, we made it to the small town just north of Yellowstone and grabbed lunch.
Sadly, due to construction the beautiful archway we were supposed to drive through was out of commission, none the less, we entered the park.

On the northern end of the park, there are lots of walkways for the hot springs and geysers.  Apparently, the ground is so fragile you could step on it and fall right into a pool of boiling hot water just under the surface.  I loved this part of the park, everything looked like another planet, all the mineral build up makes it look like the mountains are melting. 
Even after we were in Yellowstone, we still had to drive to our campsite, which took about 2 more hours.
but we made it! This campsite was a Bridge Bay and the site had a cancellation. So, we were able to reserve a spot the morning of, when we called, but we could only get one night so the next morning we had to try to get to the other site {Lewis Lake} which was first come first serve.
The girls ate carrots and played while daddy cooked dinner.
PASTA {actually, a little trickier than you might think without a strainer}
some plant exploring after dinner.
and animal learning.
and then a little camp fire while we all relaxed.
in the morning we woke up to this little spider's nest of eggs! Surprising, since all night it rained and was the most epic thunderstorm I've ever heard, it literally sounded like the earth was splitting in half.
after a little bit of convincing we finally got up and ready for the day and headed to the next campsite.
and we saw a bear. a black bear! from a distance.
and then some elk.  not so much from a distance.  
and majestic views.
and waterfalls!
We passed up Old Faithful and the chaos of the parking lot {seriously, it was worse than Disneyland}
and these springs and geysers were pretty cool
my favorite pool {Emerald Pool}.
Green Spring.
after exploring the pools we headed back to our campsite.  I took a nap while the girls hung out with daddy.
then we walked down to the lake {Lewis Lake}.
and then we drove over for a little hike.
which turned into a long hike.
but totally worth it.
because we saw more elk.
but then it started raining, so we headed back.

Seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever been but as far as camping goes, one of the most crowded, I'm curious how it is not during summer, because I would love to go without camping side by side with strangers and spend a little more time not waiting in lines.  

What is your favorite part of the park? have you been? where do you camp?  where should we go next? 

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