Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keeping Lessons Fun with Colored Pencils {a non-schooling update}

If you're a home schooling, non-schooling or un-schooling family you might find yourself bored, at least, I get kind of bored with content or repetition and I know my kids get burnt out easily too.  Sometimes, all it takes is a small chance to get them engaged again, for us colored pencils did the trick...
I was waiting for a fun project to bust open these new Alpino Tri colored pencils, but when my daughter begged for me to let her use them to practice her letters I couldn't think of a good reason to say, 'no.' So... I didn't.  That's sort of what my non-schooling outlook is about, allowing them to make decision unless I can think of a reason not to.
I realized by letting her choose the color she was writing with, it helped keep her engaged for longer,
if she got bored with the color instead of stopping she'd pick up a new color and be inspired to keep going.
 Vera wanted to try her new Prang be-be pencils too.
granted, she's not really "writing" yet, I still let her 'practice' in the workbooks like her sister.
they're best held like this, the way small children usually do hold writing tools, they're jumbo so you'll also need a big sharpener, these ones happened to come with one, 
Sonja's favorite, though, are the Stubby Pencil highlighters, she just can't get enough of the neon.  I even helped her change the colors on her color by numbers workbook picture so she could use purple instead of brown and pink instead of red.
I like the girls using colored pencils more than crayons because it allows them to practice holding the colored pencil like a regular pencil, especially the triangle shaped Alpino Tri set.  
I also just like watching them think about what color they're going to use next.
Sonja is really getting more control over her coloring and was really proud of herself for picking these colors, I know drawing with her everyday is so important to developing her fine motor skills....
...even though I have my work cut out for me with Vera {she's 2 and she loves to make BIG marks}!

So, f you're trying to find a fun way to mix up your routine, I highly suggest the triangular set found here. I'm impressed how well shaped they are for comfort, even my two year old is holding her pencil correctly because it's what feels best with these pencils.  If you want my older daughter's pick I know she'd suggest the Eco Highlighters, they're big and bright and who doesn't love neon?!  But, I feel like I have to remind you that they are jumbo, so you'll want to make sure you have a sharpener that is big enough for them.  

How do you keep your kids interested in lessons? Where do you find your inspiration for learning?

While this post was created in partnership with Stubby Pencil Studio the view points and opinion are, as always, mine and mine alone.  I only collaborate with companies I believe in and products I authentically want to share.

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