Monday, September 28, 2015

Sonja's Fifth Birthday {a Tea Party}

This year Sonja requested a tea party!  If you know how much I love scones and fancy dresses you might know how happy this made me.  I put off planning most of the party for a while because I've been so busy with my apparel company and teaching and travel, I hardly had any time to plan ahead.  Thankfully, this was a simple menu, sandwiches and scones, which lots of family and friends contributed to.  I didn't spend any money on decor which was a first for me and I busted this party out with a little under 24 hours of prep.  Here's a peek at the party...
My mom brought veggies.
and made these adorable egg salad sandwiches. 
Organic strawberries and peach champagne are staples at Schutsky parties.
My amazingly talented friend Stephanie made the scones and whipped cream.
I want to eat this everyday.
My sister in law is equally talented and made these amazing tea cakes.
I busted out some thrifted tea sets and you guys might be shocked to hear that not one toddler broke or even dropped their tea cup!
Such good manners from all the little humans.
Once they were done with tea they played outside, have I ever mentioned to you all how dangerous this teeter totter is?! EVERY party a kid gets hurt, it was gift so I felt bad returning it, but my friend beth just told me there was a recall on it because it's so dangerous!  
After the kids fell off a few times we moved it back out of the play area and told them to stick to the toy cars. 
This amazing woman took most of the photos on this post! notice how well lit and pretty they are? It's wonderful to have a photographer as a close friend!
we all took advantage and got some family photos taken.
including frankie and her new family.
Vera was napping and Sonja was sassing so Husband and I took one together. 
Sonja was always asking me to wear this dress! Now, I finally had a reason to.
The only photo of Vera for the whole night because she slept though most of the party.
birthday girl and her nonno.
Happy Birthday to you!
and back inside to the chaos to open gifts.
I think everyone had a wonderful time and I'm so grateful for everyone who helped me through this party together!!

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