Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where We Stayed {a list of our favorite Kauai destinations}

Every once in a while I find myself day dreaming of another trip to the pacific islands.  Instead, I just look at photos and blog about past adventures until I can save enough to go somewhere new.  So, I thought I could share a bit about our last trip to Kauai and were we stayed, maybe it will help ease my wanderlust maybe it will help you make an informed decision on where to stay when you're there, either way, it's what I'm sharing on the blog today. Enjoy...

For the first week of our trip we started at The Cliffs at Princeville, on the north shore of the island.  My parent's time share was available, they have a unit at Tahiti Village in Vegas and you can trade them in for other units, so this cost us like $60-90 {I can't remember exactly} to transfer and use her annual "getaway" and since she was also on the island we didn't have to pay the guest transfer fee.

Haena Beach Park for the two nights we camped.  We had to apply and get a camping permit about 2 months ahead of time, they suggested no less than 30 days out.  I think it cost $12.50 total for those two nights, something like $3 a night per adult and kids are free.

Also, I know this uglys up my post but I had to share how clean the bathrooms were.  If you've ever been to any camp site in Arizona, you'll know there are very few with doors and most of them are just toilets set over holes, so I was really excited to see clean toilets {its shiny and white!} with locking doors and toilet paper.  Camping in luxury!

For our last night {before we knew for sure we had a hotel for the week} we wanted to stay at one fancy hotel for a night, I found the Sheraton Kauai on Expedia and immediately booked it.  I also considered the Marriott but once I saw the pool image {a pool with lava rocks so close to the Ocean?!} I decided this was the view I wanted to have in my memory of our Kauaiian getaway.
My mom ended up booking two nights at the Marriott anyway since she is staying 9 days, and her getaway only covers the week.  So I'm even happier I booked the Sheraton because this was we got to experience both! 
I'll be honest the bathroom at the Sheraton could have been nicer, but I think the view from our room makes up for the weak water pressure and tiny tub.

Where are you wishing you were this Wednesday? Anything I should add to my Kauai list? I'm always interested in hearing about more adventures!

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  1. Loved this! Cute pictures and thanks for the information :)